13 Awesome Gift Ideas New Mums Actually Want and Need!

13 unique mum and baby gift ideas which are useful

13 Awesome Gift Ideas New Mums Actually Want and Need!

Today on the blog I’m sharing gift ideas that, as a new mum with B, I actually needed! Some things I just didn’t and I’ll write a post on that another time. With baby number 2 due any day, these are the gifts I found most useful.

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13 unique mum and baby gift ideas which are useful and help mum out

Pre-Arranged Flowers

Who doesn’t like a bunch of flowers? I love flowers and they always make the house look and smell beautiful. But what isn’t helpful in those early baby days are bunches of flowers that need arranging. I just didn’t have time with B and was guilty of sticking them in a vase, still in the wrapper. Pre-arranged are ideal – the type that come in a bubble of water or can easily be placed in a vase with no arranging!

A Good Hand Cream

My poor hands were always dry and chapped. Hand cream is always useful.

New Mum Skincare Sets

I love these and you can never have too many skincare products in my opinion. Sanctuary do lovely sets, as do Cowshed. They smell lovely.

Posh Ready Meals

Those early days at home with new baby are tough. I spent most of my days hanging out my @ss to be honest. I was shattered, sore and had no idea what I was really doing. Winging it was an apt phrase. So be kind to yourself and grab a few nice ready meals. I’m loving the M&S plant-based range, and ALDI do an amazing goats cheese and spinach lasagne.

Pebbles restaurant ladram bay meal review

Netflix Subscription

Having a new baby is a funny time because on the one hand it feels crazy busy and manic. But then there’s actually a lot of down time I found. In fact if I’m being honest, I was often pretty bored. Pop Netflix on during a feed or when baby just wants to snuggle and sleep.

A Good Book or Magazine

Again, going off what I said above, there was plenty of downtime where I felt bored. There’s only so many times I want to scroll through my Facebook feed. Have a few books and magazines to hand.


I’ve been off alcohol for more than nine months. When I have that glass of wine, I want a special glass!

must have new mum essentials - champagne

Muslin Cloths

Now this is a gift list for mum and muslin cloths are hardly pampering. However…they are so bloody useful! You can never have enough.

Baby Grows

If you’re going to get clothes for the baby, stick to vests and baby grows/all in ones. Save the pretty outfits for 6-12+ months. In my opinion! I found it much easier to keep B in snuggly sleep suits. Easy to get on and off, and with all the milky sick and pooplosions, you can’t have enough.

Gentle Bubble Bath

Brand new skin requires something sensitive and gentle. We love Child’s Farm and will be using a range of their products in the bath and out!

childs farm products for kids and newborns -gifts for new mums

The Gift of Time

I also asked my Mum friends what they found useful in those early days. Everyone who I spoke with mentioned extra help around the house with chores, washing and tidying. Just some time to go have a shower is welcomed too! So if you want to give a new Mum something special, pop round and be useful! Watch baby while they go get showered and changed. Do the washing up, put the dishwasher on. Whatever helps!

Yummy Food

Mum friends also agreed that pre-made meals and stuff that could be easily heated were ideal. Oh and chocolate. You can’t have too much chocolate or too many biscuits!

Season Appropriate Clothes

One thing Mums commented on were clothes. It’s lovely to receive clothes but have a think about the age and season that you’re buying for. We got so many summer clothes which we actually found B didn’t wear because it was just too hot! I ended up taking a lot back and either exchanging for 3-6 months or more, or picking something completely different. If you’re buying 6+ months ahead then think about the season when baby will most likely be wearing these clothes.

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mum and baby gift ideas which are useful


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