11 Essentials Dads Should Pack for Labour and Delivery

11 Essentials Dads Should Pack for Labour and Delivery

11 Essentials Dads Should Pack for Labour and Delivery

Hey there and welcome to the blog. It isn’t long now until we meet baby number two. I really need to get my skates on and pick a flippin’ name! We’ve been umming and ahhing over a few now. We ended up like this with B too. And now, I can’t imagine him being called anything else.

Today though isn’t about names, it’s about packing for hospital. And from the Dad’s perspective.  Essentials for dads. To be honest I don’t think my husband “packed” anything for when B was born. I took my bags and that was that. A conversation with one of my besties inspired this post though and I thought it might come in handy.

So what should your other half pack in their man-bag?11 Essentials Dads Should Pack for Labour and Delivery

Change for the Car Park

This is one thing I have tasked Mr D with. Getting change together for the car park. The one in Bristol is a nightmare and it may be he doesn’t even get in at the hospital. The last thing we need is him faffing on trying to get change on the day.

A Back up Car Park

Take a look at where your hospital is and have a back up car park. This is the case for Bristol as they have such a tiny car park at St Michaels. At  recent appointment there, Mr D literally didn’t get parked. Of course, he could have used our now back up car park but no, he spent the whole hour and a half driving about looking for a space. Sigh.

plan b routes when heading to hospital to give birth

Your Hospital Route

Know how to get to hospital. Print a map if needed. You never know when you might NOT get 4G. And trust me, this has happened to someone I know. Don’t rely on the SAT NAV. Pre-plan and have a look at the map. Get your bearings if you’re unfamiliar with the area.

Plan B

Have a think about alternative routes to your chosen hospital. For us, St Michaels sits on a hill. If it snows, we’re f*cked. I’ve made sure mr D knows where he’s going should we need to go a different route.

Phone Numbers

Make sure he has phone numbers for people you want to contact after your baby is born. When we had B, it was Mr D who called the parents and sisters.

what guy or husband should pack in hospital bag

Plastic Bags

Always handy for dirty clothes and bringing home any gifts.

Snacks and Drinks

For you and him. Hospital food typically isn’t great and vending machines are pricey.

Spare Clothes

Depending on how you’re giving birth, he may want to pack a change of pants and socks. Maybe a spare t-shirt.


Again, you never know how long you might be! So think deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush, face wipes. Anything to help keep fresh really.

Phone/Camera and Chargers

Most people seem to use their phones these days as their go-to for a camera. Make sure your phone is charged!

Things to Keep You Busy

Again, it depends on how long you’re there but get him to pack a book/kindle, magazines, a paper.

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11 Essentials Dads Should Pack for Labour and Delivery

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