Everything You Need to Know About the BeSafe iZi Flex FIX i-Size Booster Seat!

Everything You Need to Know About the BeSafe iZi Flex FIX i-Size Booster Seat!

Everything You Need to Know About the BeSafe iZi Flex FIX i-Size Booster Seat!

Hey there and welcome to the blog. We are not far away from welcoming our new baby to the family. I honestly can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. The last few weeks have been all about preparation and getting ourselves ready for our new bundle of joy. Part of getting ready is making sure we’re all set with our car seat. Over the coming weeks we’ll be releasing a few blog posts that talk about car seat safety and the new i-Size regulations, as well as reviews of the BeSafe car seat and Voksi accessory range.

Today we’re putting the BeSafe iZi Flex FIX Booster car seat to the test, giving you all the information you need on this high back booster seat.Flex Fix review - besafe infographic

Who is BeSafe?

BeSafe is a Scandinavian company who have been making car seats for the last 50 years. Specifically they’ve focused on rear facing car seats for the last 25 years. As the name suggests, BeSafe’s main focus is all about safety on the road. And as parents who drive a lot, this is our number one priority when travelling with the little man.

BeSafe entered the UK market around seven years ago promoting the reasons why it’s safer to keep your kids rear facing for as long as possible. If you’re familiar with the new i-Size regulations then you’ll know that rear facing forms a large part of those new rules. If you’re new to i-Size then read on as we go into more detail later.

First Thoughts

The Flex FIX is a really solid car seat. Straight away it looks sturdier and a lot more robust than the seat we’re currently using. It’s not too heavy either, around 7kgs, and has a useful handle for carrying.

The Besafe flex fix isize booster seat for kids

To note, this seat is forward facing and suitable for children from ages 4 up to 12 – or over 100cm tall. So it suits little man just fine!

The Flex FIX comes in a range of colours. We went for the Metallic Mélange colour. The fabric is soft and the seat feels comfortable. Of course B will put that to the ultimate test for us – complete with snacks! The Besafe flex fix isize booster seat for kids

Installation in the Car

Because this seat is i-Size compliant, it means it can be used with the ISOFIX points in your car. Most of the seats I’ve seen and tried, can’t be used with ISOFIX. You simply pop them on the car seat and use the seat belt to hold them in place. With the Flex FIX, you can either use the ISOFIX arms or the seat belt. Whatever works best for you and the car you’re in. I personally love the fact we can use ISOFIX because the seat feels so much more secure.

Fitting the seat with the ISOFIX arms wasn’t too much of a faff. The arms extend by pulling out a handle at the front of the seat.

Isofix arms - The Besafe flex fix isize booster seat for kids

You’ll know when they’ve clicked into the ISOFIX fittings in the car as the indicators switch to green.

Isofix arms in car - The Besafe flex fix isize booster seat for kids

You then use your regular seat belt as you would any booster seat.


The Flex FIX comes packed with so many safety features, many which go above and beyond what our UK regulations state. To be honest, knowing exactly what is important when it comes to car seat safety can be a bit of a minefield. Let’s try and break down what all the key points mean for you and your children.

Care Seat Testing

BeSafe put all their seats through rigorous testing conditions before they are released on to the market. The main things you need to know are that all their seats are tested by the ADAC. ADAC is one of the most important child seat testing organizations in Europe and their testing is around 50% stricter than R44 regulations.

Not sure what R44 regulations are? Nope, I didn’t know either. It’s basically the crash testing conducted on car seats in the UK. So the BeSafe seats undergo significantly more crash test conditions.


The Flex FIX comes with a number of features designed to provide maximum impact protection for your children. Here are some of the key points you need to know.

Superior Side Impact Protection

The Flex FIX has three layers of side impact protection, all designed to keep your little one safe in the car.

1. The curved headrest provides extra protection for the head.

2. Side impact bumpers provide extra protection in addition to what is required by i-Size regulations.

3. SIP+ (Side Impact Protection Plus) provides an additional layer of protection. Let’s take a closer look at what that really means!


The SIP+ (Side Impact Protection Plus) feature is basically an extra bumper which you can add to the seat on the side closest to the car door.  The bumpers are designed to absorb force and provide extra protection should you be involved in a crash.

It took us a few goes to get it on but, in my opinion, it’s worth it.

So you can see in the photo here that we’ve added the SIP+ bumper to the side impact bumper.

SIP Bumper on Besafe flex fix isize booster seat for kids

i-Size and What it Means

When choosing a car seat, you’ve probably come across the term “i-Size”. What does that mean exactly for parents?

i-Size is basically a new set of car seat rules which came into play in 2013 and forms part of the UN regulation ECE R129.

  • It means that car seat manufacturers must offer car seats which allow your child to travel rear facing up to 15 months. Group 0+ car seats still exist, and you can still buy and use these. But i-Size means car seat manufacturers must also offer the new i-Size seats as well.
  • It also means that all seats will fit in all cars using ISOFIX.
  • And it also introduces side-impact crash testing as part of safety tests.

The Flex FIX is the first i-Size booster seat released in the world. For more information on i-Size and what it means, have a look at these links:

i-Size for Beginners

UK Government Car Seat Rules

Which? i-Size Explained


When it comes to choosing a new car seat, safety is up there as number one priority for me. But close behind of course is comfort. I want a seat that B actually wants to sit in without whinging. An uncomfortable child does not make for a pleasant car journey! After testing this seat out for the last couple of weeks, I can categorically say that B is impressed with it! He is comfy and well supported.

the besafe flex fix car seat

What makes this seat comfy for kids? 

You can adjust the height of the booster seat headrest by twisting the handles on the side of the seat.

The seat has a small recline function. It doesn’t recline loads but if you have a  younger child that still nods off in the car, this would be handy.

There’s an additional padded cushion (PAD+) you can use on the seat belt. This is positioned under the chin and round the neck. B is fairly tall now but when we first moved him to the booster seat, this would have come in handy as the belt would often ride up around the neck and he’d always try and pull the belt down and round his shoulder.

besafe isize car seat with extra seat belt cushion pad

The lap belt guide is really useful for making sure the belt actually sits properly across the lap and not around the abdomen. It has a handy magnet which keeps it in place – so no faffing with buttons or buckles.

Lap belt guide

What we Love About the Flex FIX

  1. You can be sure your car seat follows all the new UK regulations as it’s the first i-Size approved high back booster to be released into the market in the world.
  2. It works with ISOFIX – many seats we’ve used and tried out simply sit on the car seat. We travel on motorways all the time so just knowing the seat is held in with ISOFIX is great.
  3. It’s easy to install and if you don’t want to use the ISOFIX arms, you don’t have to. The carry handle makes it simple to switch between cars too.
  4. Extra protection that goes above and beyond other seats we’ve tried. There really are loads of features which add that extra layer of safety. We love how sturdy the seat feels with the side impact bumpers, as well as the SIP+ bumper.
  5. It’s comfortable and stylish. B has been happy to travel in this seat. In fact, our older seat is still in the car and he always chooses to sit in the Flex FIX over it.

What do you look for in a car seat? Have you tried any of the BeSafe seats? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

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Everything You Need to Know About the BeSafe iZi Flex FIX i-Size Booster Seat!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post with BeSafe. All thoughts and opinions are our own, and as always, honest. 

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