15 Hospital Bag Essentials for C-Section Mums

 15 Hospital Bag Essentials for C-Section Mums15 Hospital Bag Essentials for C-Section Mums

Hey hey and welcome to the blog. It’s not long now until we meet baby number two. And honestly, I’m bricking it. I am not good at all when it comes to anything medical. And it all stems from my emetophobia – vomit phobia. You can read more here about what emetophobia is, and how I deal with it over the winter months.

With the little man, I had a cesarean section. I’ll be doing the same again this time. I did a lot of reading pre c-section in terms of what to pack and things which would help aid recovery. Today I’m sharing some of the items that really helped me after the operation. Feel free to add anything else I’m missing in the comments too!

What to pack in your hospital bag when you have a c section

1. Big Knickers!

I can’t stress enough how important big knickers were post-op. You do not want anything sitting on that scar. The bigger the better. And I don’t mean one size up. I mean a few sizes up!

2. Peppermint Tea

This was brilliant for after the birth because it really helped ease trapped air and wind in my body. I got a lot of pain up in the tops of my arms and shoulders. Apparently it’s air. The peppermint tea was great for helping ease this. And it just felt really gentle and soothing on my stomach after the op. Because of the emetophobia, I certainly wasn’t going to be eating a huge meal straight away. It took me a while to get my confidence up to even have a few bites of toast.

3. Maternity Pads

You will need these whichever way you give birth. Pack them in your bag and have some ready at home too.

4. Loose Fitting Long Top or Nightshirt

I found a long nightie worked well with B because it covered up everything if I got out of bed, yet it was light and loose over the scar. I’ve since read that a button down nightshirt works even better if you’re planning to breastfeed. This makes sense as you can just open a few buttons rather than pull the top back up to your shoulders! So yeah, button nightshirt purchased!

5. Loose Clothes

Pack some loose fit clothes for when you leave hospital too. Leggings, maternity wear etc. Anything that will sit over your scar and not irritate it.

6. Slippers

You’ll want a pair of slippers of flip-flops for walking to and from the bathroom.

7. Dressing Gown

This may come in handy too for walking about once you’re out of bed.

8. Extra Pillows

I found I needed to be really well propped up after the section. At home as well. Pack some extra pillows for hospital. There are never spares going around. Worst case, you leave them in the car.

What to pack in your hospital bag when you have a c section - snacks

9. Chewing Gum or Polos

Because of my vomit phobia, I was extremely anxious to eat post-op. They kept offering me toast but the thought of putting any food in my body was too stressful for me. I found in the hours after the operation, and once I was back up on the ward, Polos and chewing gum were my saviours. They stave off any hunger nausea and keep your mouth refreshed. They are literally my go-to for anything anxiety inducing.

10. Snacks and Drinks

Once you do start getting your appetite back, you may find hospital food a bit hit and miss. Pack some snacks to keep you going. Of course there will be vending machines but these are often expensive. I plan to pack some lucozade and cereal bars to keep me topped up.

11. Straws

It sounds silly but pack a few straws. You may find it difficult to sit up so they are handy when wanting to have a drink.

12. Books and Magazines

Pre-op there may be a lot of waiting around. And then post-op on the ward, there was often downtime. Pack some light reading to keep your mind busy.

What to pack in your hospital bag when you have a c section - phone

13. Headphones

If you have your phone, download some podcasts or playlists to listen to. I found the ward really noisy on the night so this would have been handy. I literally didn’t sleep a wink, even when B was sparko!

14. Ear Plugs

This kind of goes with headphones. If you want to drown out noise, pack some.

15. Eye Mask

I didn’t use ear plugs or an eye mask last time but if you do want to try and sleep on the ward, they may come in handy. To be hones there were people coming in and out of the ward all night. I don’t think any of the mums slept. And once one baby was settled, another would cry for a feed!

Is there anything you would add for post-cesarean section hospital bag essentials? Be sure to comment here or join us over on social: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

15 Hospital Bag Essentials for C-Section Mums


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