8 Gift Ideas for Older Siblings When a New Baby Arrives!

8 Gift Ideas for Older Siblings When a New Baby Comes on the Scene!

8 Gift Ideas for Older Siblings When a New Baby Arrives!

It’s not long until we welcome Baby D, number 2. I am a mix of emotions to be honest. Excited, scared, apprehensive as to how our home dynamics will change. Yep, all the emotions right now. I’m trying to keep my sh*t together by focusing on the blog and keeping my mind busy. If you’re a regular reader or my mum then you’ll know that pregnancy and a vomit phobia is tough.

So to get ourselves set for little brother or sister’s arrival, I’ve been trying to come up with some gift ideas for the little man. I’ve got a few blogging friends to help me out along the way. Let’s get started…

Gifts to Keep them Busy

Hayley at Devon Mama recommends gifts to keep little ones busy – “Activities that they can do themselves are always good! We went for a couple of sticker books and a few hot wheels cars (our toddler LOVES cars so that happily entertained him in the hospital!). In fact, lots of people had the same idea as he got more cars that week from visitors than he did on his birthday!”

gift ideas for older siblings from a newborn baby - toy cars

Books and Games

“I got a friend an Orchards Toy Game called New Baby Lotto and there are some lovely books like There’s a House Inside my Mummy.” – Helena at The Queen of Collage.

A Camera

I absolutely LOVE this idea. Very tempted to do something similar! “My eldest got a camera from her younger sister when she was born. It made her feel grown up and she loved to take pictures of the baby.” – Kate at Counting to Ten.

Big Brother/Sister T-Shirts

Charlie at Our Altered Life recommends a big brother or sister T-shirt.

“I love the ‘big brother / sister’ t shirts as it keeps them involved! Depending on their age I think an hour of your time is just as precious particularly if they were an only child before.”

This is already on my to buy list for B!

Something to Hang

I really like the idea of something to display around the house. So probably a gift more for me than for B! I love these rustic wall hangings on Etsy.

gift ideas for older siblings from a newborn baby

Newborn Baby Doll

Louise at Pink Pear Bear found getting a newborn baby doll was useful…well minus the mishap!

“We got my daughter a little newborn baby boy doll as a gift from her little brother when he arrived. Unfortunately the first thing she did was drop it on his 2 day old head! It was good after that minor mishap though, as she could change ‘her baby’ when I did his nappy etc.”


“We bought Lily a beautiful rabbit cuddly toy as I wanted something that she could keep forever. The nights we were kept in hospital she slept with it and has done ever since.” Maria at Happy Mummy.

“We got our daughter and our newborn matching dollies with their names embroidered on. The dollies could be sisters just like them! Kate at Ever After With Kids.


Lucy at Momma Hack recommends getting something that makes them feel grown up. “We bought our 6 year old a special bracelet from her new baby brother, it had big sister on it. She felt really grown up and proud to show everyone.”

I love this charm bracelet on Etsy. B loves anything like this. He calls it treasure.

gift ideas for older siblings from a newborn baby - charm bracelets

And with that, I best get my bum in gear and go buy him something! He wants a red Lamborghini. No idea why. He already has a small orange, black and silver one. Apparently he needs a red one too. I guess a trip to Sainsburys is needed as that’s where we last saw them. I need to order him a t-shirt as well.

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8 Gift Ideas for Older Siblings When a New Baby Comes on the Scene!

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