12 Amazing Lego Storage Tips, Ideas and Hacks!

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lego storage ideas and hacks for keeping lego organised and tidy this year

12 Amazing Lego Storage Tips, Ideas and Hacks!

So here’s an important question –  do you buy Lego so you can a) follow instructions, build a model and display it? Or b) build a model, break it the next day, meaning the pieces never see the light of day again?

LEGO Brand Retail

As much as I’d love to keep Lego models in pristine condition, the boy loves to pull them apart again and make something new. And because of that, I’m putting together a list of ideas for Lego storage ideas. And I’ve enlisted a few bloggers and mum friends to help me out with ideas too. Share yours in the comments or on social media with us as well.

Before we get started, here are some other Lego resources you might enjoy, especially if you’re planning a Lego party for your little one.

Anyways, let’s get started with our list of storage ideas.

Shoe Boxes

Wrap them in paper, decorate them or leave them as is. Shoe boxes are great for any storage really. They are ideal for Lego too, whether it’s random pieces or sorted by colour.

lego and how to keep home tidy

Zip Lock Bags

Sandwich bags or zip lock bags are very handy for storing individual Lego sets.

Regular Shelving

Perfect for storing models that perhaps you don’t want the kids playing with?!

Vtech toys New in Babysecurity

lego storage ideas and hacks for lego models

Lego Storage Bricks

These have to be the perfect idea for Lego storage right? Giant Lego bricks. They look good, are practical and great for all kinds of storage. Take a look at other ways to use them over at Boo Roo and Tigger Too.

Lego storage ideas and hacks

Buy Lego storage boxes on Amazon here:

IKEA Kallax Boxes

Who doesn’t like a Kallax ey?! They are ideal for pretty much any storage.

Under Bed Storage

You can get so many different size storage containers to slide under the bed. They are great for storing a LOT of Lego! My friend uses trays that easily slide out from under the bed.

lego storage ideas and hacks using IKEA

Dedicated Lego Play Mats

These are very popular because you can quickly clear up a load of Lego. You can find them on Amazon here: Lego play mats.

Lego storage mats for keeping lego organised

Blokpod Lego Storage System

I hadn’t heard of Blockpods before but after taking a look at them over on 40 and a Mum to One’s blog, they look great! Transparent containers that stack.

LEGO Brand Retail

Blokpod Lego Storage system

A Big Box!

You can’t go wrong with storing it all in a huge box. I find storing it in this way makes it difficult to find specific pieces, and especially small bits. It typically ends up with ALL the Lego tipped out over the floor. Which just isn’t fun.

Shop the New Exclusive Disney Train and Station at LEGO.com!

Lego storage ideas and hacks for the whole family

Lego Storage Using a Toolbox

This is an absolute GENIUS idea for small Lego pieces. Read the full post over at Jinxy Kids here.

Lego Storage Using a Toolbox

IKEA Hack Lego Table

I’ve seen loads of IKEA hacks and how-tos for making Lego tables. There are some lovely ideas out there. This from The Gingerbread House details how to make your very own Lego table.

IKEA Hack Lego Table

Here’s another example of how my friend uses IKEA furniture for storing LEGO.

lego storage ideas and hacks using IKEA

lego storage ideas and hacks using IKEA

Drawer Towers

Drawer towers, like the ones described in this post over at The German Wife, are ideal if you want to sort your Lego by colour. I love how bright the drawers are and how accessible they are for kids!

Lego storage ideas

And there we go, plenty of ideas for all that Lego we got this Christmas. Right now it is still in model form. How long that will last is anyone’s guess! Be sure to share with us your ideas over on social too: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

lego storage ideas and hacks for keeping lego organised and tidy this year

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  1. Legos are are fun, but they turn any room into a mess. Our kids use old shoe boxes and zip bags for storing legos, but storing them in lego box is cool idea

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