5 Essentials to Keep You Warm this Winter!

5 essential items to keep you warm this winter

5 Essentials to Keep You Warm this Winter!

Hey there and welcome to the blog. Not long now until the big day. Are you all set? I’ll be taking a little blogging break over the Christmas week so this will be my final post of 2018. Be sure to follow me over on social for photos, catch-ups and Christmas fun: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

To get us ready for the New Year, and ultimately winter, I’m sharing with you some of my favourite winter warmers this year. It’s hard to find anything that fits while being pregnant but there are a few new items I have my eye on once this baby is born. You can still keep warm and look good right?!

Coats and Jackets

First up, investing in a good coat or jacket is a must for anyone in the UK really. It’s not often we have a “mild” winter. And even if it is apparently mild, I still like to have something warm. I’m really loving the range of coats online at JD Williams.

This red check coat is lovely.

winter warmers red coat

And you can’t go too wrong with a Parka. I always find the deep pockets are great for tissues, chewing gum, snacks and toys for little man.

winter warmers khaki parka

Invest in Footwear

Another area to invest in something good is decent footwear. Boots can be pricey but they typically last. I love these one –  they look super soft and snuggly.

fur lined boots for winter

Keep Your Head Warm

I don’t know about you but I literally can’t walk anywhere without a hat when it’s freezing cold. My ears just end up hurting so much. I love a good hat and this pompom beanie is super cute.

pom pom beanie hat for winter

Toasty Hands

Another essential, in my opinion are gloves. And the more the better. I keep some in the car, my handbag, at work and at home. You just never know when you’ll need a pair. I really like these ones on the JD Williams site because you can turn the mitten caps over to keep your fingers warm, or pop it back so you can easily touch/feel/grip whatever you need to. Basically your phone!

mittens gloves

Snuggle with a Scarf

An essential list wouldn’t work without mention of a scarf. I really like this cute one, again on the JD Williams site. It’s colourful and perfect for brightening a dull, winter day.

scarf ideas for winter

What would be on your winter warmer essential list? I would like a good pair of ear muffs but the ones I’ve tried in the past have always been uncomfy. Good socks are always a must as well, especially if out walking about in the cold.

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5 essential items to keep you warm this winter

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