10 Reasons Why Being Pregnant at Christmas Sucks!

10 reasons why being pregnant at Christmas sucks - Find out what my negatives are, (2)

10 Reasons Why Being Pregnant at Christmas Sucks!

I wrote recently about the positives of being pregnant over Christmas. Yes, there really are some! But there are a load of negatives too and today I’m going to moan on about those! So get comfy and join me while I offload all my pregnancy gripes.

Christmas is Exhausting

Christmas is exhausting enough without adding pregnancy to the mix. I’m over 30 weeks now and yeah, I’m tired just thinking about all the stuff left to do. Planning, wrapping, cooking, prepping. The list goes on.

bristol christmas events and whats on


I’m not a good shopper at the best of times. In fact I hate shopping. The thought of traipsing around shops is not my idea of fun. To make it a little easier, I do a lot online. My one thing though is the food shop and I much prefer to do this in person. That will be fun.

No Alcohol

I love Christmas because it’s the one day of the year I can enjoy a glass or two of champagne before lunch time. None this year though. No nice flavoured gin, no boozey advent calendars. Yeah, it’s a bit meh here!

No Smelly Cheese

Another downside to having a bun in the oven – no stinky cheese! And I love stinky cheese! No brie, Camembert, goats cheese, creamy blue-veined cheeses. Although I read that cooked/baked brie and Camembert is OK.

Possible Morning Sickness

I was twelve weeks with B and I was just coming through the feeling sick all day stage.

Zero Waste Gift Wrapping Ideas to Try This Christmas - eco friendly wrap

Having to Fob People Off

If you’re in the early stages of pregnancy then you’ll need a load of excuses ready if you’re a drinker. There’s only so many antibiotics you can take right?!

Gifts for Baby

Don’t expect to get any gifts you actually want for yourself. You just know you’ll get a load of “presents” for the baby!

Designated Driver

ALL THE TIME. And people will expect lifts. Just use your “I’m tired and heading home early” excuse to get out of all the lifts.

Ideas for environmentally friendly gift wrapping this christmas - brown paper

Travel is a Ball Ache

Or bump ache. If you’re unlucky and will be travelling this Christmas then try and make things easy on yourself. Plan where the services will be, pack an extra cushion etc. Luckily we’re not travelling but that means hosting…which means a house full and family.


Not that family is a negative but it means socializing when you may not want to. And for us it means mr D has to move back into my bed. Since I’ve gotten larger, he’s been relegated to the guest room. Which suits us both fine to be honest because he sleeps better and so do I. Well, I say I do but I’m up multiple times to pee, and the hip pain and acid don’t help with sleep either.

So there we go. Loads of negatives for being pregnant over Christmas. The silver lining for me is that it’s very nearly over. I’m excited and ready to meet our new addition. Keep tuned on social for updates and mayhem: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

10 reasons why being pregnant at Christmas sucks - Find out what my negatives are,

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