4 Usborne STEM Books Your Kids Will Love this Christmas!

Usborne stem books that are great for kids this Christmas

4 Usborne STEM Books Your Kids Will Love this Christmas!

Hey there lovelies, how are you doing? We are really looking forward to Christmas and counting down the days. The boy is so excited that Elfie is back! Have you run out of Elf on the Shelf ideas yet? If so, take a read here for inspiration, and here for more inspiration!

Enough elf though.

Today on the blog we’re reviewing a range of STEM titles from Usborne Children’s Books. If you’re looking for some last minute stocking fillers then take a look as these ones really are lovely.

Stem Books Your Child Will Love this Christmas!

We absolutely love Usborne books. They are educational, fun, bright and engaging. I really love the Lift-the-Flap books too. They are great for encouraging little ones to read and take an interest in books at an early age. We’ve literally had Usborne books since B was tiny.

As a baby, B loved the “That’s Not My” series of books. And I kept most of these for baby number two! We also really enjoyed the Poppy and Sam series and have a number of these on the bookshelf too.

Usborne books on our shelf

As he’s gotten older, we’ve branched out to the Lift-the-Flap and Look Inside ranges of books. B loves learning about the world around him and these books are not only factual but fun. Even Mum and Dad get to learn something too! One of my absolute favourite books is a Lift-the-Flap Picture Atlas. I am a complete map geek and I just love browsing through this one, reading snippets about different countries.

Anyway, let’s crack on with these new Usborne books, designed to delight and inspire little ones this Christmas.

Why do we Need Bees?

One thing I love about a lot of Usborne books is that they ask questions that, as an adult, I’d genuinely like to know the answer too as well! This book is dedicated to the humble bee, asking questions about why we need bees, how honey is made and even the social structure of the beehive. The answers are revealed under the many flaps through the book. We love the Lift-the-Flap books by Usborne and this one is a winner.

usborne books review - why do we need bees

How do Animals Talk?

Another beautiful Usborne book which would make a great stocking filler is How do Animals Talk? Again, it’s based on questions, with the answers hidden under the flaps. It answers questions which you may not have even thought about! Why do birds sing, how do animals use scent and smells to communicate and why do animals behave the way they do?!

B particularly liked this book because we have four cats at home and he often wonders why they do certain things…like scratching the sofa and peeing up stuff!

usborne books review - nature and bees

Fold-Out Solar System

If you have a little on obsessed with all things space then this fold-out solar system book is perfect. It literally unfolds to reveal the solar system, with information and details about planets and stars. If you’re looking for a fun introduction to space then this book is great. usborne books review fold out solar system

It contains loads of facts about space, as well as details on the missions and spacecraft that have explored our solar system. As with all Usborne books, the illustrations are colourful and engaging for little minds.

usborne books review - space stem books

What’s it Like in Space?

What’s it Like in Space? is another Lift-the-Flap book which answers various questions about…space! If you have a little ones interested in learning more about what’s out there then this book would be perfect for them. I really love these books because I get to learn something new too. usborne books review of Stem books

Are you looking for STEM books to pop under the tree this year? Usborne have a fantastic range and there really is something for everyone. These books are ideal for a range of ages too – in my opinion. I started buying the Lift-the-Flap books for B when he was three or so. Even though he was still quite young, he really enjoyed me reading the questions and revealing the answers. These books are great for inspiring kids to take an interest in the world around them and ask questions!

Usborne stem books that are great for kids this Christmas

Disclaimer: We were gifted these books. Thoughts and opinions are honest and our own. 


  1. I really like the books that are meant for kids but are intriguing to adults as well. And, these books are amongst them. I feel that the thirst of knowing becomes very crucial for a person to succeed in any field and books such as these ignite the fire of questioning. I was planning to buy ‘A day at the Airport’ for my niece on her next birthday, but I think I might go with one of these books as well.
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