9 Ways to Organise Baby and Kid’s Clothes

9 Tips for Organising baby and kid's clothes

9 Ways to Organise Baby and Kid’s Clothes

Hey there lovelies and welcome. I honestly can’t believe I’m in my third trimester now. It feels like yesterday that I was sat in Morrisons cafe with a friend, telling her I was pretty sure I was preggers. And here I am, 30 weeks later and very much pregnant. You can read all about pregnancy second time around here. And my pros for being pregnant this Christmas here! I need to start sorting stuff out for the baby though, as up to now, I’ve been really unorganised. And that isn’t like me.

So to kick-start my organization, I’m putting together some tips on wardrobe organisation. I don’t know about you but when B arrived, we had clothes coming out of our ears. Tiny baby, newborn, 0-3 months, 6-9 months, 12-18 months even. Keeping everything organised was a bit of a mish-mash really. I just threw it in the wardrobe and would then discover an unworn item months out of date. Oops! We exchanged a lot.

So let’s get going with our tips for organizing baby’s wardrobe.

Use Dividers to Organise Clothes by Months

Wardrobe dividers are a great idea for organizing little clothes depending on age. So tiny baby, newborn and then into the months. These dividers by Belo and Me are just beautiful. They hang on the rails like regular coat hangers, making it really easy to segment all your outfits.

Pick up a set at Belo and Me and save yourself 10% using the voucher code: MEANDBwardrobe dividers for storing baby clothes

Drawer Dividers

If you’re storing items in drawers then rolling them up and using drawers dividers works well. Think small canvas boxes and dividers from IKEA.

Small Hangers

Smaller hangers are a must and can be picked up in any of the pound shops.

storing baby clothes - ideas and using small coat hangers

Keep Same Clothes Together

Charlie from Our Altered Life recommends keeping similar clothes items together. “Organise types of clothes together so you can assemble an outfit from different sections.”

Organise Seasonal Content

I really like this tip from Jenny at Cook, Eat, Go – “Place things you use often at eye-level and save the top shelf or back of the closet for things like seasonal clothing.”

Ideas for storing baby clothes

Double Rails

Typically kid’s wardrobes come with the double rail. If not, you can buy adjustable rails online. They are handy because you get that extra space to hang additional items.

Shoe Organisers 

You don’t necessarily need to store shoes in shoe organisers. Think baby grows, socks, cuddly toys. Hang these on the back of the door or inside the wardrobe to maximize space.

Make Your Own Storage System 

Helena at The Queen of Collage recommends using bookcases, baskets and canvas bins to create extra storage.

clothes organization using dividers, drawers and baskets for storage

Label Properly When you Store

Emma from Emma Reed recommends storing children’s clothes and labeling them as they grow out of clothes. “I’ve kept all my first child’s old clothes in storage boxes and all labelled with the age on the side. That way, I can easily go to the right box for my baby and go through which items he can now wear. I then rotate his old ones back into the boxes and update his drawers.”

I second labels and I really like these removable ones from Belo and Me. Save yourself 10% off these and anything else from Belo and Me using the voucher code: MEANDB

storing baby clothes and using drawer labels

How do you organise kid’s clothes? Do you use anything like dividers and storage boxes or do you tend to just chuck it in and go?! I’m definitely going to try and be a bit more organised this time around!

9 Tips for Organising baby and kid's clothes

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. Opinions are my own and honest. 

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