7 Zero Waste Gift Wrapping Ideas to Try This Christmas!

7 Zero Waste Eco friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas to Try This Christmas

7 Zero Waste Gift Wrapping Ideas to Try This Christmas!

Hey lovelies and welcome. We’ve been so busy over here. I honestly don’t know where the time has gone. And the pregnancy is just flying by. Take a read of this new post on how I’m finding it different second time around. For more Christmas fun, we have some homemade gift ideas for you here, and of course, our zero-faff Elf on the Shelf guide! An essential for any parent who doesn’t have time to waste…

Talking of waste, I’m sharing on the blog today a post that rounds-up a load of ideas on alternative gift wrapping. I didn’t realise that wrapping paper can’t actually be recycled. Anything with foil or glitter is out, and things like bows and sticky tape need to all be removed. So with this in mind, here are a few ideas for wrapping up gifts this Christmas without the waste.

7 Zero Waste Eco friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas to Try This Christmas

Tea Towels/Table Cloths or Scarves

Basically anything made of fabric will work. Ruth from Craft with Cartwright says she often uses tea towels and table cloths to wrap presents in.

I also like the idea of using a scarf too. It then doubles up as a handy gift at winter time. You could also try hand towels and light scarves in the spring and summer.

Zero Waste Gift Wrapping Ideas to Try This Christmas

Old Magazines or Newspaper

Any paper that can be recycled could be used. So think old magazines that you’d only bin anyway, or newspapers.

“I’ve used old magazines and newspaper for smaller gifts before,” says Care from Care Johnson.

Reuse Gift Bags

Jo from a Rose Tinted World recommends saving and reusing gift bags. “I always reuse gift bags, but remove the written on tags and add a new plain tag instead. You can usually untie the handle on one side to put a new tag on and you can often not even tell.”

She also suggests sewing your own bags if you’re handy with a sewing machine or needle and thread!

Zero Waste Gift Wrapping Ideas to Try This Christmas - eco friendly wrap

Sew Your Own Bags

“I’m also a sewist, so I was planning on making some reusable gift bags. They can be made out of old clothes and bedding! And you can personalise with appliqué letters!”

My mum does this often with stockings for the kids. They are always so beautiful too and something you’d keep and reuse each year.

Fabric Sacks

Éva from Captain Bobcat recommends making fabric or jute sacks – “Make a beautiful fabric or jute sack embroidered with everyone’s names – use it for the years to come!

Brown Paper and String

For simplicity Jaymee from The Mum Diaries states that “nothing beats brown paper and string” and I couldn’t agree more! It is so simple but looks amazing. If you want to spice things up a bit, add some paint prints to the paper before wrapping too.

Ideas for environmentally friendly gift wrapping this christmas - brown paper

Tie It Up

For some ideas on tying your gifts up, try string, twine, ribbons or wire. For fabric gifts, you could secure your package with a pretty brooch or pin. Or what about using an old bracelet?

Have you tried any alternatives for wrapping paper? Will you be trying out new ideas to cut waste this year? Have more ideas you’d like to share with us? Join us on social or comment on this post here. And don’t forget to pin it to save for later –  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

eco friendly gift wrap ideas for christmas

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