How to Turn Your Bath Water into Slime with Zimpli Kids Gelli and Slime Baff!

How to Turn Your Bath Water into Slime with Zimpli Kids Gelli and Slime Baff!

How to Turn Your Bath Water into Slime with Zimpli Kids Gelli and Slime Baff!

Hey and welcome to me and b. We hope you’re all good and looking forward to Christmas. To get you in the mood, we’re sharing homemade gift ideas, zero effort Elf on the Shelf ideas and Christmas crafts to make with the kids.

Today we’re sharing with you a review of some very slimy, gooey products from Zimpli Kids. If you’re kids are anything like B then read on because they are gonna love these! And, we’re giving away a bundle to a lucky reader over on our social channels – go check them out here Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

What is Slime and Gelli Baff?

Now personally the thought of turning my bath into a huge tub of slime isn’t that appealing. But ask any five year old and they’d disagree. Slime is MASSIVE at the moment. Whether it’s pre-bought slime or DIY, homemade slime, B absolutely loves the stuff. Slime Baff and Gelli from Zimpli Kids is basically a mixture which you add to your bath.

Zimpli kids gelli and slime baff reviews for bathtime

You pop the solution into your water, mix it for around 5 minutes and it slowly turns the bath water into a coloured, gooey slime or Gelli bath.

gelli batff from zimpli kids review

Here we are trying out the Gelli Baff mix in red.

Zimpli kids gelli and slime baff - sprinkling the mix into the bath

Give it a stir for around 5-10 minutes. The consistency is really odd!

stirring the gelli baff mixture in bath water

And get in and enjoy! B thought it was absolutely brilliant. Mr D and I were less enthralled and were more concerned with how we were getting rid of all this watery Gelli goo. Also, B liked to grab it into balls and throw it at the side of the bath, meaning when it came to getting him out and tidying it up, it was a bit of a faff. As a one-off this is fun for kids though. And if you really wanted to keep it out of the bathroom, you could make up a bowl and take it outside in the summer.

enjoying gelli and slime baths - zimpli kids

Once you’re finished, you  add more water to dilute the mixture so you can drain it away.  The Gelli Baff actually comes with a second pack of powder which you use to turn the goo back into coloured water. We’d gotten B out of the bath before mixing this in but you can  leave your child in the bath so they can play longer.

What About Safety?

OK so I can hear you shout out a load of questions at your mobile/laptop…so Zimpli claim that the products are 100% safe on skin but if you’re not sure or your child has super sensitive skin then maybe do a pre-run using the sink first. Once you’ve mixed up your bath, there isn’t really any scent. B’s skin was fine and there was no colouring. Phew. The main thing is it can be a bit messy if your child likes to throw the mix everywhere. There were jelly-like globules of stuff all over him so he needed another rinse really before coming out.

The products are manufactured in the UK and also claim to be stain-free and non toxic. They also state that they are environmentally friendly and safe to drain away down the plughole. The idea of adding more water to an already filled bath kind of goes against this though.

SnoBall Packs

If you’re not so comfortable filling your bath with goo and slime then take a look at Zimpli’s range of outdoor toys. These SnoBall packs are a lot of fun for outdoor play. Pop the powder in a bowl, add water and make snowballs for year-round snowball fights!

snowball pack from zimpli kids

Have you tried any of the Zimpli products? What were your thoughts? If you fancy bagging yourself some then head over to our social channels to enter our competition.

How to Turn Your Bath Water into Slime with Zimpli Kids Gelli and Slime Baff!

Disclaimer: We were gifted these in exchange for this review. All thoughts are our own and honest. 

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