Our Review of the HP Notebook – 15-db0043na 15.6″ Laptop

HP Notebook - 15-db0043na 15.6_ Laptop - what you need to know and review

Our Review of the HP Notebook – 15-db0043na 15.6″ Laptop

Hey there and welcome to the blog. We’re starting to think about Christmas over here. Have you begun planning and prepping? To get us into the mood, we’ve shared a load of posts around Elf on the Shelf, Christmas crafts and ideas for stocking fillers. Be sure to check them out. Today we’re sharing a review of a new laptop we received courtesy of AO.com – the HP 15-db0043na. We’ve reviewed a number of things from AO and we’ve always been impressed. The service is great, there’s never a problem with shipping, and I’m always kept in the loop on where my delivery is.

If you’re looking to treat someone to a new laptop which won’t break the bank, then take a read and see what we think.

So let’s get started!

Get Set Up

This laptop comes packaged in a slim, HP branded box and with minimal instruction manuals. That’s because you don’t really need anything. We unboxed this, turned it on and Cortana took us through how to set everything up. We used my husbands Microsoft account to log in and connected to the WiFi. Cortana takes you through the set -up process and there are a number of options you can opt to turn off such as location tracking. You’re also asked if you want to connect to other applications like Dropbox.

HP notebook 15-db0043na Laptop review

What about the weight?

Well, this laptop isn’t too heavy and is also super slim. Which means this works well for anyone travelling a lot or looking to chill out in a coffee shop for a few hours. I used to have such a heavy laptop for work. This was years ago now, but it was just a nightmare to carry!


The desktop is just like any other laptop I’ve used to be honest. It’s a regular desktop and then if you hit the windows button, the tiled options pop up the side. You can personalise your desktop with photos or opt for one colour. I personally like just a colour as I find images clutter things.

The Keyboard

Now I’m a bit fussy with keyboards. Basically I hate it when the keys are “clicky”. Fortunately the keys feel smooth and light when typing. Perfect for blogging! There’s an integrated touch pad too if you don’t want to connect a regular mouse.

HP notebook 15-db0043na Laptop review and keyboard

Key Features of This HP Laptop

For the price (RRP £299), this laptop has a number of features which are worth noting.

  • It claims up to 10 hours battery life. Personally I always leave it plugged in and I haven’t used it out and about for more than ten hours.
  • It comes with a full HD screen resolution for an awesome picture. My husband commented on the picture quality actually. And for him to comment means it must look good.
  • It comes with a 1TB hard drive so there’s plenty of storage space if you don’t want to connect to Dropbox or a similar cloud storage provider.
  • The processor is an AMD A4 processor and there is 4GB of RAM. This serves well for regular laptop tasks like browsing the internet, Word documents and emailing.  I saw a few comments in online reviews about the speed but to be honest I’ve had no problems with day-to-day internet and email use.

HP notebook 15-db0043na Laptop review and how to set up

Great for Day-to-Day Work and Play

If you’re looking for a laptop that is quick to set-up, not too pricey and ideal for general use then this is a complete bargain. Be sure to follow us on social over the festive period for more Christmas tips and tricks, reviews and fun:Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

HP Notebook - 15-db0043na 15.6_ Laptop - what you need to know and review

Disclaimer: We received this laptop to review. All opinions are honest and our own.

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