6 Things that are Different in Pregnancy Second Time Round!

6 Things that are Different in Pregnancy Second Time Round!

Ah pregnancy. Do you love it or loathe it? I’m not a huge fan if I’m being honest. I find it incredibly difficult to deal with on top of emetophobia. If you’re not sure what emetophobia is, have a read here in this “introduction to emetophobia” blog post. Basically pregnancy and a vomit phobia are not a good match.

So anyways, today I’m going to write down all the things I’ve found different this time around. I was pregnant with Brandon back in 2012-2013. He was born in June and afterwards, I swore blind I’d never do it again. Not because of B, but because pregnancy is tough when you live with a vomit phobia. Emet is hard enough, day-to-day without the added worries of pregnancy. So yeah, in 2013, after B was born, I said nope to any more children.

So firm I was in my decision that I sold the pram and most of B’s baby clothes.

6 things that are different being pregnant second time around - my experiences

So what changed?

Well, for the most, B is an amazing little boy. He’s absolutely changed my world for the better. Yes there are plenty of really shitty, tough times. Times I’ve doubted myself as a mother and times I’ve felt never-ending, crushing guilt. But all the good times far outweigh the bad times and I thought it would be a good idea to give B a brother or sister.

Look how tiny and cute he is here!

starting school and newborn baby

So here we are, seven months into pregnancy and I’ve written zilch. I’ve documented squat all this time. Baby number two has no bump pics, no handmade crochet blankets, no effort! I feel awful before baby is even here. I keep saying to Mr D that we must make an effort to take more bump pictures. Before we know it, he or she will be out.

So the things I’ve found different between pregnancy 1 and pregnancy 2? Here we go…


I feel huge. So huge. People said that you feel bigger sooner second time around and that is definitely true here. I felt like I was showing way before 12 weeks this time. I’ve flt like a pumpkin the whole time!

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Acid Reflux

I had this with B but it is a billion times worse this time. No idea why really. I feel like I have a small ball of acidic bile sat in my throat 24/7. Nice.

I Feel Older

And maybe that’s because I am older duh! I was 33 when I had B. I am not 38. I’m really feeling it this time. I feel achey, sore and tired most days.

I Feel Unfit

I’d say I’m a lot less fit this time around. Pre-B I did a lot more exercise – body combat, yoga, even some running! I know right? Who knew. Don’t get excited, it was just a couple of 5Ks but hey.

This time around I’m not as fit as I was before. And I can feel it.

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I’m More Relaxed

Well, a bit. I still feel very anxious about being sick and all the worries that brings with it. But on the whole I feel a lot more like I know what I’m getting myself into this time around!


When I can, I really am trying to rest as much as possible. I think with B, I didn’t realise how tiring being a mum could be. This time I am well aware. So yes, if the hubby says put your feet up, I really am taking advantage of that! It’s just me, Maxi and a good book!

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So a bit of an update as I started this post a few weeks ago. Turns out my iron is low, which explains the breathlessness and “unfit” feelings! For more pregnancy highs and lows, and to follow us on our journey as a family of four, join us over on social: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

6 things that are different being pregnant second time around - my experiences

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