How to Get Started with Rock Painting – Ideas and Inspiration

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how to get started with painting rocks and pebbles - ideas for easy designs

How to Get Started with Rock Painting – Ideas and Inspiration

Hey hey and welcome to the blog. Isn’t it getting cold! I want that summer heat wave back – well, a bit of it! Over the past few months me and B have really gotten into the whole rock painting craze. We love sitting and painting or decorating them. But more so, we love hiding them and finding them! It’s such a fun activity to do with kids and great for getting you out and about. Even if it is nippy.

Today we’re sharing with you a few tips and tricks for getting started with rock painting. And I’ve been lucky enough to share some of the amazing photos of rocks from some of the people in our local Facebook group – Weston super Rocks.

Right, let’s get started…

Buy a Bag of Rocks

Tip one, go buy a bag of pebbles at your local B&Q, Range, Homebase or garden centre. It’s actually illegal to take pebbles and stones from the beach… I buy a big bag and bring in a few stones at a time.

painting rocks - rocks to use from garden centre

Find your Local Rock Facebook Group

Get onto Facebook and search for your local rock painting group. There are so many out there. Can’t find one local to you? Why not start one? It’s so much fun to share your rock designs and see what other people have created. We love hiding our rocks and the best bit, finding out your rock was discovered. this is B’s favorite part I think. He genuinely beams when I show him a photo of another kid who found his rock.

And take a look at some of the creations in our local group – just beautiful!

rock painting ideas and inspiration that are easy to do

Get Painting

The most popular way to decorate your rocks is by using paint. We use regular poster paint and acrylic paint. I find some are a bit watery and “see through” though. I’ve had tips from others that regular household paint works well. So think tester pots. Check Facebook sell groups as often people get rid of things like this for free.

We’ve also found that old nail polish works really well! I hate the smell though.

rock painting fun

Look how shiny and sparkly these ones are.

rock painting ideas and inspiration using nail varnish

The best “paint” I’ve found are actually paint pens. These acrylic paint pens from Amazon work really well for larger designs. I’ve just treated myself to a set of Metallic fine line paint pens to write with and do more detailed drawings.

rock painting ideas and inspiration using acrylic pen markers

Look Beyond Paint

So one of the best things about rock painting is that well, you don’t need to “paint” them! There is a woman in our local Facebook group who I think inspired loads of us to try rock decoupage!

rock painting ideas and inspiration using napkin paper to decoupage

So decorating rocks using very fine paper – typically napkin paper. I’ve spent a small fortune on Christmas designs from eBay! They look amazing though.

I also purchased some autumn napkins and I love how they turned out.

Tag Your Rocks

So be sure to write on the back of your rock the group you’re in – so Weston super Rocks for us, and pop something along the lines of the following on your rock:

Post a photo on Facebook – Weston super Rocks! Keep me or re-hide me! 

It’s so much fun when people do share a photo when they find your rocks!

I personally HATE writing on the rocks. For some reason it just makes my teeth go on edge. I’ve printed a load of tiny stickers which I use and then seal with varnish. Which brings me on to the next point…

rock painting ideas and inspiration u-tagging rocks with stickers

Varnish All Over

An important part of rock painting is the varnishing part. You want to seal your masterpiece otherwise once it rains, poor old rock will fade away. I typically use a clear, spray varnish and cover the back and front. I use Plasti-Kote Super Clear.

Go Hide your Rocks!

Now this is the super fun bit. Get outside and go hide those rocks! We’ve hidden them in many of our local parks and play areas, as well as the local garden centre and around by our primary school.

Have Fun Finding Too!

Part of the fun is finding other’s rocks too! Be sure to go post a photo on the relevant Facebook page if the rock is tagged. Here’s one we found recently just by Boots.

rock painting hiding and finding in weston super mare

All in all this is my favourite new hobby! I think the hubby is a bit fed up with rocks all over the kitchen though! Have you tried rock painting? If not, I def recommend as it is soooo much fun! Share some of your creations and ideas on social with us too! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

how to get started with painting rocks and pebbles - ideas for easy designs


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