Learn and Play with Smart Globe Adventure Augmented Reality

Learn and Play with Smart Globe Adventure Augmented Reality

Hey hey and welcome. It’s been a busy few weeks. I’m a year older. Argh! We’ve had half-term, we visited Bristol Zoo and now we’re reviewing this very cool globe – The Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Adventure.

SmartGlobe Adventure AR - Augmented Reality review

Now anyone that knows me well will know I am a huge fan of maps. I love anything map-related and have various globes dotted around the house, as well as map wallpaper in my study. So when we were asked to review this globe, I probably more excited to do so than Bran!

Learn About the World

The Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Adventure isn’t like your every day globe. It’s an interactive, fun way to learn all about the world around us. And it integrates with an app to bring augmented reality right into the home. We’ve had tropical storms and thunder in the lounge!

Storm feature - SmartGlobe Adventure AR - Augmented Reality review

As you can see, your globe looks like a regular globe but at the bottom you will see that the stand base comes with loads of different functions. Play games, learn some fun facts or compare two parts of the world and find out what the differences are. To hear your globe speak, you simply use the Smart Globe pen. Touch anywhere on your globe to activate the digital touch points.

Close up of Smart Globe from Oregon Scientific

It’s handy because the pen is attached to the globe. I imagine if it wasn’t it would quickly get lost in the plethora of junk that fills our home.

Explore over 220 Countries

You can touch anywhere on the globe to find out about a specific country. Learn more about the capital city, find out what currency is used, discover what language is spoken and even hear the national anthem. B particular liked this feature.

SmartGlobe Adventure AR - Augmented Reality review

There are actually over 4000 pieces of information stored inside this globe’s memory!

Play and Learn

The globe comes with 25 inbuilt games that you can play. B is five and is too young to really “get” the games, but I had fun searching for capital cities!

I think the games would be really great when B is a bit older.

Bring Your Globe to Life

One of the cool things about this globe is that you can literally bring it to life using the SmartGlobe augmented reality app.

Animals using augmented reality - SmartGlobe Adventure

You can download it for free on Apple and Android. Beware though, it takes up quite a bit of space and I found I had to archive podcasts and clear some photos.

B loved the app and really enjoyed discovering animals and dinosaurs.

SmartGlobe Adventure AR - Augmented Reality review - app feature with animals

I found the app a bit clunky to be honest. It needs some fine tuning to ensure it runs smoother. I found it just wouldn’t activate on some areas of the globe, and we couldn’t get the space feature to work at all. This was a shame as he loves space.

SmartGlobe Adventure AR - Augmented Reality review - city feature in app

Overall this is a fabulous introduction to the world around us. It makes learning about geography fun for kids, and adults too. As I said before, I love anything related to maps, so a globe is a fab addition to B’s bedroom. If you’re looking for a globe with the additional AR features then this ticks all the boxes.

The Oregon scientific Smart Globe Adventure AR - Augmented Reality review

Disclaimer: We were gifted this globe in return for an honest review.

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