5 Reasons Why You Should Start Rock Painting!

Rock painting is fun for adults and kids! Take a look at why we're really enjoying painting and decorating, hiding and re-hiding rocks this year!

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Rock Painting!

Until recently I’d heard of rock painting but hadn’t really done it. We’d pick a few stones from the beach (you’re not supposed to by the way!) and I’d get B to sit and smear paint all over them. And then we’d hide. And that was that.

But recently I joined our local rock painting group and some of the creations are just amazing. So I started giving it a go myself. I let B have the occasional go now too!

rock painting ideas -pumpkin halloween painting ideas

Anyways it got my thinking about all the reasons why it’s a great hobby to start for kids and adults! Go buy yourself a big bag of pebbles in The Range or B&Q and get started!

1 – Unleash Your Creativity

One huge plus for painting rocks is the chance to be a bit creative. You just have to Google “rock painting ideas” to inspire your mind. There are just so many ways you can paint or decorate your rocks. And try different types of paint. Regular acrylic paint works well but tester pots are fab, as are old nail varnishes. And decoupage rocks…I’ll come on to that in another post!

These are some of the ones I’ve made with paper, inspired completely by one of the women in our local Facebook group!

rock painting ideas using napkin paper

It’s such a great activity for both adults and kids to enjoy to be honest.

2 – Unwind with a Rock

I’ve actually found rock painting really relaxing and therapeutic! When Bran paints with me, he happily sits for a while painting. And I feel he’s actually focused too.

rock painting fun

3 – Have Fun

It’s actually really fun! Once you have some ideas of things to paint on to your rocks, it’s fun to sit and paint them. It’s also really fun to then go out and hide them and watch when someone finds them! This is probably the part B enjoys most – seeing the photos on Facebook of other kids finding and enjoying the rocks he painted.

Here’s a recent one we found, decorated with paper and varnished. This one was literally outside our local Boots too. So you don’t need to go trekking through the woods if you don’t want to!

rock painting hiding and finding in weston super mare

4 – Get Out and About

One of the huge pluses to rock painting is the hiding. It’s great for getting you and the kids out and about. Head down to your local park or woods and get hiding. Take some pictures, upload them to your local Rock Painting Facebook group and voilà, wait for people to discover them! Now don’t be disappointed though if the majority of rocks don’t get posted on Facebook. We’ve hidden well over a hundred now and only a handful of people have posted on the group. Don’t forget to write on the back of the rock something along the lines of: “Share a Photo on Weston Super Rocks – Facebook (obvs change to your group name!). Keep or re-hide me!”

rock painting ideas for halloween

5 – It’s Easier than Geocaching

We used to love Geocaching. If you’re not sure what it is then take a read of our Geocaching antics when B was a toddler here. I prefer rock painting because I don’t need to faff on with an app when out and about. You paint rocks, seal them with varnish and hide.. It costs pretty much nothing too. Although I’ve spent a bit on fancy acrylic pens and copious amounts of napkins for decoupage!

rock painting ideas using napkin paper - autumn fall rock ideas

Have you painted any rocks with little ones? Share with us your stories and ideas in the comments or on social media here: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

reasons to start rock painting

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  1. Lovely blog. I tried Geocaching too but gave up promptly when i tried numerous times to find my 2nd item, it was alwaya missing despite other people saying that they’d found it! This is much more lovely, you can find them randomly, or if you’re quick enough, you can find them when the clues are posted. But the beauty is that you don’t have to keep going back, if it’s not there it’s been found already! I’ve had so much fun at with my little ‘un painting & hiding rocks.

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