10 Must-Have Elf on the Shelf Accessories!

10 Must-Have Elf on the Shelf Accessories!

*Contains Affiliate Links*

10 Must-Have Elf on the Shelf Accessories!

Hey and welcome! How’s your year been going? We had such great feedback on our 24 Zero Effort, faff-free Elf on the Shelf ideas post last Christmas that I thought I’d share with you some cute accessories that your Elf will love! If you’re looking for more Elf ideas that are super simple, then check out this post too  – the Lazy Mum’s Elf on the Shelf Guide!

OK so to get us started with accessories, a message board is fun for getting your cheeky Elf to leave the kids some notes.

An Elf Message Board

Elf on the Shelf message board from The Works in the UK

Need somewhere for Elf to sleep? A cute sleeping bag is a must. B likes making beds out of Lego!

An Elf Sleeping Bag


Elf on the Shelf sleeping bag accessory

An Elf Swing Set

Elf on the Shelf swing set

These stickers are cute of you want to decorate the skirting boards.

Elf House Sticker Set

Elf on the Shelf props and sticker sets

Now this borders on faff for me but if you really want to make a mess then these mini foot print templates for your Elf are very cute !

Elf Foot Prints

Elf on the Shelf foot print template

An Elf Door

Elf on the Shelf skirting board door

If you want to dress up your elf then these cute costumes are ideal. I love the knitted jumpers below too!

Elf Dressing Up Costumes

Elf on the Shelf dressing up accessories

A VIP Elf Sleigh

Elf on the Shelf VIP sleigh

An Elf Dressing Gown

Elf on the Shelf dressing gown set his and hers

Elf Knitted Jumpers


Elf on the Shelf knitted elf jumpers

Do you embrace the whole Elf on the Shelf thing or are you not that fussed? We typically use a few props from around the house, and suspend Elf from the lampshade. But that’s about it! I really am a bit lazy when it comes to this new Christmas craze. If you’re lazy too and can’t really be bothered then def check out out 24 Zero Effort Elf on the Shelf Ideas!

10 Must-Have Elf on the Shelf Accessories!

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links. 

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