6 Tips for Keeping Kids Safe on the School Run!

School Run -tips and tricks for keeping kids safe

6 Tips for Keeping Kids Safe on the School Run!

I don’t know about you but the roads leading to our primary school typically get absolutely chocka with people double parking and blocking driveways. It’s frustrating because literally a two minute walk from school is a huge retail car park with ample parking. I don’t get why people just don’t park here and walk over. It would save a lot of congestion and probably make the roads immediately next to school a lot safer. B’s been at school for a year now so we are not strangers to the chaos of the school run!

Today on the blog we’re sharing some tips for keeping the little ones safe on the school run. Be sure to comment and share your tips too.

Be Prepared

If you’re new to the school run, plan out the route you will take and where you will park. This will avoid having to park somewhere that perhaps isn’t as safe. And if you know where you’re going ahead of time, this should help avoid any rushing about on the morning.

keeping calm on the school run

Keep Calm

Keeping calm at the wheel can be easier said than done. Commuter traffic and locked-horns over a last car parking space can all add up to stress. And especially when you know you need to get the kids to school at a set time.

Slow Down

If you’re driving outside the school then it’s common sense to s l o w down. You just never know when a little one may run out, unexpectedly.

school sign

Monitor Your Driving

If you want to monitor your driving skills, download the Aviva drive app. It comes with an integrated dash cam and you might be able to save money on your car insurance.

Be Seen

With the darker mornings and evenings rolling in, it makes sense to make sure the kids can be seen when out and about. Wear something bright or reflective to make sure your little ones can be seen on those dark, gloomy mornings.

Basic Road Safety

To be honest I still don’t trust B to stop at the crossing between the car park and the school. Some mornings he runs ahead super fast with a friend and I’m there, frantically trying to catch up to make sure he doesn’t dart out. We’ve taught him to stop, look, listen – but yeah, I like to be right next to him when we cross.

Do you drive and drop your little ones off at school or are you able to walk? In an ideal world I’d love to walk Bran down to school each day but the reality of working parents mean this isn’t typically possible. What are your experiences? Share with us over on social media:Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

School Run -tips and tricks for keeping kids safe

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with Aviva.

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