Happy Birthday to Me – Thoughts and Reflections on 2018

Happy Birthday to Me - Thoughts and Reflections on 2018

Happy Birthday to Me – Thoughts and Reflections on 2018

Hey hey and welcome. It’s that time of the year again…my happy Birthday. As each year passes, I’m not really sure whether I feel happiness about celebrating my birthday, or despair that another year has passed, and, well, I’m older!! Do you know what I mean? I remember when birthdays were full of joy. I often feel a bit depressed when birthday day comes around now. Well, this year has been full enough of doom and gloom so I’m actually aiming to have a good, happy day, filled with lots of love and laughter.

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One thing is for sure, birthday’s are for flowers, and I’m loving this beautiful hand-tied bouquet sent by Bloom Magic Flowers! They have a huge range of flowers perfect for birthdays, and, well, any occasion really. Who doesn’t like fresh-cut flowers delivered to your door?! They came packaged well, wrapped in tissue paper and cellophane, and complete with flower food. bloom magic birthday flowers review - hand tied boquet

I love that they come with their own waterproof hat box to display the bouquet in, as well as a handy instruction guide on how best to prepare your flowers for long lasting freshness. My mum used to be a florist so I’ve always known to cut the stems at an angle but I’m useless at arranging them. This bouquet is ideal because the flowers are secured with twine, making it easy to stand them in the hat box and display.

bloom magic birthday flowers review

Anyways, so this post is a short reflection on 2018. The good, the bad and the really sad. And I promise to end on the good! I’m guilty of over catastrophising things and for the past few weeks I’ve only focused on the bad and sad. I’m going to try and focus on the good things too.


OK so the bad first.


It’s all around me all the time. The news, social media, friends. But I never thought it would hit so close to home. My mum was diagnosed with lung cancer just after Christmas 2017 and this year has been a long, tough road for her. She’s doing amazing and actually it turns out may well be in remission very shortly.


And now for the sad. We lost our beautiful Jerry cat. Just writing that sentence fills me with tears. It’s been just over a month since we had to make the decision to put him to sleep and still I’m finding it very difficult to accept he has gone. The house feels empty without his energy and love. He was such a sweet, loyal cat. He’d follow me round the house, wanting love, affection and a warm lap.

Jerry cat in jumper

I miss him wanting and needing me, and when I reflect on our eight years together, I feel guilty for all the times I pushed him away or didn’t want him on my lap.


The past year has made me acutely aware that nothing is forever and you really do have to make the most of each day. It’s hard though and at the moment there are many days where I don’t feel like making the most of anything. I think pregnancy hormones have played a part there too!


And then in complete contrast…life. We found out we”re expecting another bubba back in June. It feels like months ago now. And I suppose it is really. The first three months were really tough with feeling sick and trying to deal with that and the vomit phobia. It actually inspired me to start writing more about emetophobia and how I’ve managed to have a child while dealing with the phobia. You can read more about being a mum and emetophobia here.

So there we go, thoughts and reflections on the past year. It’s been very up and down but I’m looking forward to welcoming a new Dowey to the family. Keep in touch on social for more updates as we approach Christmas and 2019! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with Bloom Magic Flowers and we received the flowers as part of this. Thoughts and opinions are our own and honest.

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