7 Free Things to do With Kids This Autumn Half-Term!

Autumn Half-Term -7 free things to do with the kids this holiday

7 Free Things to do With the Kids this Autumn Half Term! 

Hello lovelies, how’s it going? I can’t believe B is back to school and in year one! It feels like yesterday that he started reception. He’d been at Busy Bees for ages and we’d really gotten used to that routine – it was a big difference moving from nursery to school.

So anyways, now that Autumn is upon us, I thought I’d put together some ideas for things to do that are free! We spent a lot doing up the house over summer, so anything that is budget-friendly is a winner here!


Well obviously it’s free. If you’re stuck for ideas of where to walk though, take a look at your local Facebook groups and see if there are any walking ones available for ideas. You’ll be surprised at how many places there are locally to walk with littles.

things to do this autumn half term

We have an AWESOME Facebook group called Wild Walks With Kids North Somerset. The mum who started the page, posts up loads of walks ideal for toddlers and prams. We’ve discovered so many places we’d probably never have come across before!

Explore Your Home City or Town

Or nearest town. We are lucky to have Bristol right on our doorstep and there are so many free things to do in the city. Have a quick Google to see what your city or town has to offer in the “free” department. I find we often take for granted what we have right in front of us.


Museums are great because they are typically free. We have the local Weston-super-Mare museum which has different displays and themes running all year. There’s also a number of museums in Bristol too – the M Shed being one of our favorites.

Geocaching Or Rock Painting and Hiding

We used to Geocache all the time and I wrote here about how to get started with toddlers. Right now though we are loving rock painting. If you join your local Facebook groups, you’ll see that there are loads hidden all over! We’ve been painting them and hiding. We’ve also enjoyed finding and rehiding!

rock painting halloween

Check out Your National Trust

Sure, it’s only “free” if you’re a member, and even then you are paying. But it’s like a tenner a month for all of us and there are so many wonderful place to explore. We’ve certainly gotten the most out of membership this summer. We visited Stourhead, Tyntesfield and Dyrham Park. And we still have a load more on our to-do list!

Visit Your Library

If it’s a rainy day, take a trip to your local library and pick out some new books. B is loving Roald Dahl at the moment, and particularly The Twits. At our library you can reserve books for free, so even if you can’t find what you want on the shelf, we can still get hold of the books we want!

Visit a City Farm

City farms are great for a number of reasons. They are typically free, they usually have a fab cafe, using own-grown fruit and veggies, and they are perfect for supporting your local community. We love Windmill Hill City Farm in Bristol.

things to do this autumn half term

What are you getting up to this half term? I decided we’re not going away. Instead I’m going to take some time off and take the little guy to some of the National Trust properties we have nearby. We are pretty lucky where we are in that there are so many within an hour’s drive! Be sure to follow us on social for updates, pics and other half term fun: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

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