12 Top Tips for Camping and Caravanning with Kids!

Camping and Caravanning - tips and tricks for travelling with kids and what to pack

12 Top Tips for Camping and Caravanning with Kids!

Hey there and welcome. We just had a lovely weekend away on Devon, staying at Parkers Farm Holiday Cottages and Caravans. We stayed in a static caravan, and to be honest, we love them. We’ve done loads of similar holidays since having B. It’s more Haven than Havana these days!

Anyways, it got me thinking about all the times Mr D and I would go camping together. It would typically rain. So we upgraded. Tents to static caravans. Home from home. One thing I’ve never done is stay in a “caravan” caravan. As in the ones you tow behind your car. Maybe we will do it one day…

So for today’s blog post, we round up our best tips and tricks for camping and caravanning with children. And I’ve enlisted some fab bloggers to help me out too! Have any more to add? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

caravan holidays and tips on what to pack
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Get Organised

So this means work out where you’re going well ahead of time. Make sure you have the postcode on you and use a Sat Nav system such as Avtex if you’re unsure. But of course, it’s always a good idea to double check your route manually too as a back up!

Smart Packing

When it comes to spending a night under the stars or in your caravan, you want to be prepared for every eventuality. I personally like to pack things like night lights and extra blankets when we’ve stayed in the static caravans. Although they have heating, it can still get chilly in the winter months.

Empty Carrier Bags

Pack empty carrier bags for wet clothing. If you are camping put your tent up for a test run beforehand just in case there are any faults – Karina at Mums the Nerd.

Stackable Boxes

Pack clothes and other things to take with you into stackable plastic boxes rather than suitcases if possible as this will keep them dry and save space in a tent or caravan – Jennifer at My Mummys Pennies.

Wet Wipes!

Wet wipes x a billion, a potty for nighttime toilet trips (even for older kids) and headlights so you can see and use both hands – Lauren at The Helpful Hiker.

What to pack when camping with kids
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Keep Them Entertained

The worst thing about holidaying in the UK is the weather. You just can’t rely on it can you? Make sure you pack plenty of things that will keep the kids happy inside. If you’re caravanning then you might want to consider a 12v TV to keep the whole family happy.


Make sure the kids have lots of things to play on – puzzle books, family games for evenings and also activities and tablets – Gemma at Yorkshire Mum of 4.

Camping and Caravanning - tips and tricks for travelling with kids

Keep Warm

Familiar Bedding

Take bedding from home. It will help younger kids feel more reassured and settle easier – Catherine at Rock and Roll Pussycat.

Hot Water Bottles

Take hot water bottles. They keep the children all snug and cosy! Just don’t forget to take something to heat the water – Miri at Christmas Magic.

I second these tips on keeping warm and cosy. Pack extra blankets and plenty of lighter clothes that you can layer up. There’s nothing worse than being cold!

tips and tricks for keeping warm when camping and caravan holidays


When it comes to safety, I love this tip for navigating around your caravan on tent!

Pool Noodles for the tent and awning strings – Mark at Big Man in the Woods.

Fairy Lights and Glow Sticks

Take battery powered fairy lights. Our tent has bedroom sections and I put them above there so they give a nice glow through into the bedroom compartment – Nikki at Yorkshire Wonders.

Glow sticks for night lights! It can be pitch black at night but you can buy large glow sticks to hang above beds. Also we take a few solar lights to jam in the ground outside the tent as it helps to find your way back from the loo in the dark – Janet at Falcondale Life.

camping and caravan tips for safety
Photo by Krystal Ng on Unsplash

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Camping and Caravanning - tips and tricks for travelling with kids

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