Botley™ The Coding Robot Activity Set Review and Giveaway

Botley™ the Coding Robot Review and Giveaway with Learning Resources

Botley™ The Coding Robot Activity Set Review and Giveaway

Hey hey and welcome. Today on the blog we’re launching a very, very exciting giveaway over on Instagram. We’re giving all readers a chance to win their very own Botley™ The Coding Robot Activity Set! Yep, that’s right, an amazing STEM toy that will make a perfect Christmas present! All you have to do is hop on over to Instagram here to enter.

Botley™ the Coding Robot Review and Giveaway

What is Botley?

Coding for kids is big and there are so many ways these days that you can get them started with the basics. And this is where Botley comes in. Botley is a cute robot, aimed at introducing children to coding.

learning resources christmas giftguide ideas for kids that love STEM toys - botley coding robot

It’s aimed at ages five years and up and has been a winner with our son. Bran is only five but has really taken to Botley. He’s able to provide him with some basic commands which will see him move forwards and backwards, as well as detect and avoid objects.

learning resources christmas giftguide ideas for kids that love STEM toys - Botley Coding Robot

To find out more about how Botley works, take a look in this short video. It gives you an introduction to Botley and you can see him performing basic tasks after we’ve programmed him.

How to Get Started

Botley is easy to set up, needing 3 AAA batteries to get started. You also need 2 AAAs for the controller. So don’t forget those on Christmas morning.

To programme Botley, you use the controller included in this set. Once you’ve programmed a set of moves, you transmit them to Botley and he should follow them. His little LED lights will light up and he will make a noise to tell you he’s ready to roll. It’s worth reading through the instructions to get an idea of what he can do and to familiarise yourself with the controls. We found we kept programming the next set of actions without clearing the ones before. So Botley would set off from what we had asked him to do previously. You just need to press the delete button before starting a new sequence.

Botley Coding Robot Controller

Let’s Programme!

You can programme Botley to:

  • Move forward or reverse (one step at a time)
  • Turn left or right
  • Detect or avoid an object
  • Make a sound and say “hi”

You can also “loop” instructions so he repeats a set of moves. This is fun for having him do 360 degree turns. If you’re creating a long sequence of commands then use the handy coding cards included in this set to remember what you’ve programmed. You can actually programme Botley to follow up to 80 steps! So yes, you’ll need those cards!

Botley Coding Robot challenges and accessories

Botley works best on hard floors but B’s used him on the carpet and responds pretty well there too.

Set Botley a Challenge

This kit comes with everything you need to create obstacle courses and challenges for your cute little coding robot. You can attach the green set of arms to help Botley move items from one area to another. For example you can tell him to move a ball into a goal.

Botley Coding Robot challenges and accessories

My main advice would be to have a good read through the instruction booklet as it gives you loads of ideas for setting challenges and generally getting to grips with the controller. Have a look in the video above as I go through a number of the coding challenges in the instruction booklet, as well as programme Botley to follow a black line. You can actually create your own lines foe him to follow too!

Oh and don’t forget to enter our giveaway over on Instagram here – win your very own Botley!

Botley™ the Coding Robot Review and Giveaway

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with Learning Resources. 

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