Totnes Rare Breeds Farm in Devon – Our Review!

Totnes Rare Breeds Farm Review-devon and dartmoor

Totnes Rare Breeds Farm – Our Review

Hey hey, how’s it going? We just enjoyed a lovely stay in South Devon courtesy of Visit Dartmoor and we’re currently sharing a few days out with our readers. If you have little ones and are travelling to Devon then these days out and attractions are ideal. Today on the blog we’re sharing our afternoon at Totnes Rare Breeds Farm. The farm’s been open since 2002 and is mainly staffed by volunteers. It’s located right across the platform from Totnes station, part of South Devon Railway. If you’re taking a trip on the train then it makes a nice stop before you head back to Buckfastleigh.

totnes rare breeds farm in devon review entrance

Having a Hoot with the Owls

To enter the farm, you buy your tickets at the cafe. Just to note, you don’t have to buy farm tickets to enjoy the cafe. If you just fancy a cuppa and a cake then you can do so here. After entering the farm, you’ll be greeted by the birds of prey and owls.

owls totnes rare breeds farm in devon review

They are really close so you get a good view. Bran was taken by this one below – the great grey owl. He was huge and could turn his head right around!

totnes rare breeds farm in devon review owls

Feed the Goats

Our absolute favourite farm animal has to be the goat. They are just so cheeky aren’t they! And cute. I like goats so much that I looked in to getting one or two. However…after doing some reading, it seems they take A LOT of care and maintenance. And they completely trash your garden. Not that ours is winning any awards. So yes, the idea of getting goats was quashed.

totnes rare breeds farm in devon review
So so cute !

A tip, make sure you buy loads of feed from the cafe! You can literally feed all the animals at this farm. And they know when you’re coming!

totnes rare breeds farm in devon review feeding goats

As soon as you get your little brown bag out, the goats are all over you. You can go into the goat enclosure too. We did but ended up getting a bit muddy – and pooey!

feeding goats at totnes rare breeds farm in devon review

Aren’t they cute! B was a bit wary at first and wouldn’t feed them but I held his hand in mine and showed him how easy it was to feed them. And he loved it!

totnes rare breeds farm in devon review

Get Hands On!

We didn’t just feed the goats. We fed the sheep, the alpacas, the geese and the ducks.

Feeding alpacas at totnes rare breeds farm in devon review

A huge plus here is that you can touch or hold most of the animals. They were all so friendly (insert “wanting more food!”). At the small animals’ area, you can give the guinea pigs a cuddle too. Some farms we’ve visited are a lot less hands on which is a real shame. I personally love getting in with the goats to feed them. They are so sweet-natured and I love to give them a cuddle. At Totnes Rare Breeds Farm you can stroke, touch and cuddle the animals, which is lovely for children. Just don’t forget to wash your hands before your picnic! 

A Few Things to Note

The farm is fairly small so you don’t need too long here. I guess we spent just over an hour before taking the train back to Buckfastleigh.

tractor riding at totnes rare breeds farm in devon review

We were fortunate to be invited to the farm for the purpose of this review. If you’re paying entry then, in my opinion, it isn’t cheap – £7.50 for an adult and £6.00 for a child. Keep in mind that it really is just the farm – no play areas or soft plays. Also the toilet is back at the station. Something to remember if you have little ones!

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Totnes Rare Breeds Farm Review-devon and dartmoor

Disclaimer: We were invited to Totnes Rare Breeds Farm as part of a trip organised by Visit Dartmoor. All opinions are our own and honest.

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