5 STEM Toys Your Kids Will Love This Christmas!

5 STEM Toys your Kids Will love This Christmas!

5 STEM Toys Your Kids Will Love This Christmas!

Hello and welcome to the blog. I am so excited to bring you this gift guide today. I’ve worked with Learning Resources for a while now and we are big fans of their products and toys. We loved Beaker Creatures and we had a lot of fun with the Zoomy handheld digital microscope. They have such a fantastic range of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) products, designed to inspire and educate in a fun, accessible way.

Are you at all ready for Christmas? Have the kids started their lists? If you have no idea what to get them then let’s crack on with our top 5 STEM toys and products which your kids will love this Christmas. They range from the big “under the tree” presents to the smaller, stocking filler gifts.

1. Botley The Coding Robot Activity Set and Challenge Activity Set 

Coding for kids is big and there are so many ways these days that you can get them started with the basics. And this is why we’re loving Botley. A cute coding robot, designed to introduce kids as young as five to critical thinking and problem solving. And he really is super cute. He works best on hard floors, making little sounds as he wanders to wherever you asked him to go!learning resources christmas giftguide ideas for kids that love STEM toys - botley coding robot

Botley is super easy to set up, needing 3 AAA batteries to get started. Don’t forget you also need 2 AAAs for the controller. You then use the controller to programme a set of moves, before transmitting them to him to follow. It’s worth reading through the instructions to get an idea of what he can do. So for example you can program Botley to:

  • Move forward or reverse (one step at a time)
  • Turn left or right
  • Detect or avoid an object
  • Make a sound

learning resources christmas giftguide ideas for kids that love STEM toys - Botley Coding Robot

You can also loop a set of instructions so he repeats a set of moves you programmed. Watch him as scuttles off around your kitchen. B has really enjoyed “playing” with him. I say “playing” because although B sees this as a toy, he’s picked up the instructions fairly easily and has already programmed him to move an object and go around an obstacle.

This kit comes with everything you need to create obstacle courses and challenges for Botley. The easiest way for you to find out more is to take a look in our video here:

If you want to set more challenges for Botley then this add-on set contains 40 other accessories: Botley The Coding Robot Action Challenge Accessory Set.

Botley action challenge set

2. City Engineering & Design Building Set

Have a little one that loves tinkering with stuff? Yep, that’s B! He loves building, creating, constructing and designing. This City Engineering and Design Building Set is just perfect for inspiring his mind and keeping him busy.

City Engineering STEM Toys from Learning Resources

This set includes over 80 construction pieces which can be used to create bridges, towers and platforms. You can even make a crane to hoist your builders up. The pieces are easy to put together and B can build his own towers and cityscapes without my help. This set is great for problem solving, expanding the imagination, creativity and design. So basically the perfect mix of educational and fun.

3. Gears! Gears! Gears!® Machines in Motion

This is another popular one with B. We actually have the Space Explorers Gears set which I got for B just before his fourth birthday. He still plays with it now which goes to show how long-lasting the Learning Resources toys are. These sets are great for developing fine motor skills and exploring creativity. You can rearrange the cogs and gears many times over, and there are literally endless opportunities for creating what ever you want!

Machines in Motion STEM Toys from Learning Resources

This set comes with 112 pieces which include gears, cogs, pulleys, chains, wheels, axle, propellers, and B’s favorite…the wrecking ball!

4. Stems

Stems are 3D, flexible pieces which you can fit together to make literally anything. At first I was a bit unsure as to what we were supposed to do with them, but after having a play around, B and I found them easy to click together. The instructions give you plenty of ideas to get you started too.

Stems learning resources christmas giftguide ideas for kids that love STEM toys

In terms of learning, Stems are great for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, as well as an introduction to geometry for little ones.

5. Beaker Creatures Reactor Pods

These Beaker Creature Reactor Pods make great collectible stocking fillers. We reviewed Beaker Creatures a few months ago and B loved them. Of course, he now likes to take all the beakers and test tubes in the bath with him too!

beaker creature classification guide

These little reactor pods are super fun because B loves watching them dissolve to reveal a hidden creature. Just pour water over them to set the pod fizzing. What kid doesn’t like dissolving things? And more importantly, collecting little collectibles like this?! Each set comes with a handy classification guide with fun science facts too.

learning resources christmas giftguide ideas for kids that love STEM toys

Have your little ones written their Christmas lists yet? Do you go mad or keep things pretty low-key? Be sure to follow us on social for more fun gift ideas over the next couple of months! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

5 STEM Toys your Kids Will love This Christmas!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post with Learning Resources. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. This was great! I’ve never heard the term STEM toys, but this was right up our ally! Some of them seemed to be a little young for my youngest kids (6 and nearly 8) but now that I know more about STEM toys it’s something to discover! 😀


    • STEM is all about science, tech, engineering and mathematics based toys and learning. these toys featured here would be ideal for that age group : )

  2. These are great!! My husband is obsessed with STEM. We are looking at a STEM school for my oldest next year. My oldest would love the coding robot! #KCACOLS

  3. These toys look great, I love finding ideas like this for presents. My eldest is really interested in the coding he’s been doing at school so I’m sure he would love the robot. #KCACOLS

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