9 Super Simple Rainy Day Activities for Kids!

9 rainy day activities for kids that cost next to nothing

9 Super Simple Rainy Day Activities for Kids!

Here’s a question for you – what do you do when it rains and you have kiddies to entertain? Do you pop your welly boots on and head on out – I have friends like this. Or do you hide away at home, moan a bit and decide to get the Play-Doh out?

This is me.

And every now and again b has had enough of the play-doh! Blimey, I’ve had enough of Play-Doh. Even Halloween Play-Doh! We have new carpets so I’ve suddenly gone off the idea!

So how do you solve a problem like the weather?

Well you can’t but here is our handy guide of things to do when it’s miserable out and you’re stuck in, bored, with the littles.

9 rainy day activities for kids that cost next to nothing

Rainy Day Ideas

We’ve put a list together of fun things to do with little ones to keep them amused!

Indoor Treasure Hunt

Google “Indoor Treasure Hunt” and you’ll find a whole host of printables and scavenger hunt ideas to get you started. Otherwise, make your own and simply hide things. You could even do a bit of a chocolate hunt. Yes it’s nowhere near Easter. Do we care? Nope.


The “go-to” rainy day activity. Our fave recipe at the moment is one that promises cookies like Millies Cookies.

baking when its a rainy day with kids

Science Fun

Indoor STEM play doesn’t have to be messy or cost a fortune. You can do a number of simple experiments using things you probably have in the kitchen already. Try adding raisins to sparkling water or lemonade.

And gloop! Although this often gets messy. Pop some cornflour in a bowl and add a little water and food dye. You have gloop.

Sensory Play

If you have one of those tuff trays then the sensory world is your oyster! We don’t have a tuff tray and instead use small seed trays. We created a Halloween sensory tray here using a tray and various cutters.

sensory play ideas for kids when its a rainy day

Bubble Car Wash

Fill a bowl/bucket or the sink with soapy water and let them wash their cars. Easy.

Rock Painting

We are loving rock painting at the mo. Do a quick search on Facebook to find your local rock painting group. Paint some rocks and then hide them when the weather improves.

rock painting ideas for when its a rainy day with kids

Tents, Forts and Dens

You can’t beat building a den on a wet and windy day can you?!

Play-Doh Cupcakes

You could easily do this activity using salt dough as well. Simply put out some cupcake cases and invite your little one to make cakes. B used to love making “cakes” and then pretend to bake them in the oven.

Film Afternoon

If all else fails, there’s always Netflix, NOW and Amazon Prime right?!

We’re always on the look out for cheap, easy and mess-free rainy day activities. What do you and your littles enjoy doing when the weather isn’t up to scratch? Be sure to share with us on social Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

And remember to pin the image below to save for later!

9 easy rainy day ideas for kids and parents.


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