Service Station Alternatives on the M4 Motorway, Jct 15-12 , Swindon to Reading

M4 Motorway Jct 15-12 Swindon to Reading

Junction 15, Swindon to Junction 12, Reading – M4 Motorway

Hey there and welcome to the blog. We continue our journey across the m4 motorway. Currently eastbound but the tips you read in these posts are relevant whichever direction you’re travelling in. We’ve covered the M5, Almondsbury interchange down to Bridgwater, and we’ve covered the M4 from Bristol to Swindon.

Ready for some more?

Let’s crack on and get straight to Junction 15. There’s lots to do here so let’s go!

Junction 15 – Swindon

We’ve stopped at this junction often and I highly recommend visiting Coate Water Country Park. Be careful when you enter the postcode into the Sat Nav as it takes you to a new build site. Not so handy. Here’s a little map that I’ve annotated to show you where you need to go. Up the A419 and take a left. The postcode may take you to the Persimmon site shown below. Drive on and you’ll see the park signposted at the next major roundabout.

Junction 15, Swindon to Junction 10, Reading - coate water country park map

We’ve been to Coate Water Park a number of times and it makes for a great stop off. Best of all, it is literally a few minutes from the M4 junction. The park is home to a little train track, as well as a play park and ample space to walk. You can feed the ducks, grab a coffee from the snack hut and make a quick trip the free toilets before re-joining the motorway.

Another place to stop at this junction is the Three Trees Farm Shop and Café. It is five mins from the M4 and seems to get good reviews online. We haven’t been but will stop off this year to review it. Note, it is closed Monday!

Junction 14 – Hungerford

To be honest this isn’t a junction I know well, and we’ve never stopped here before. For alternative stop offs, I’m going off of online recommendations. We will have to take a detour next time we’re heading on the M4!

One place I did find, that sounds lovely, is Hungerford Wharf. It’s only ten minutes from the M4 down the A338. There are places to walk and canal bridges to explore. Perfect for stretching your legs.

Junction 15, Swindon to Junction 10, Reading - hungerford wharf map

Junction 13 – Newbury and the Chievely services

If you don’t fancy exploring then you actually have a service station here. We often stop for a Greggs or an M&S sarnie. It’s my least favourite of the M4 stops though because it means you have to come off the motorway. It gets busy here too with the A34 traffic.

If you do fancy somewhere different, I’ve read that Snelsmore Common is a popular place to stretch the legs. It’s located around 2.5 miles north of Newbury, and parking is free and there are toilets too.

Location: Closest postcode I found was RG14 3BD. Take a nose at my map here though and consult Google first!

Junction 15, Swindon to Junction 10, Reading - snelsmore common map

The Living Rainforest

The Living Rainforest is at Thatcham Norreys, 4 miles from junction 13 of the M4. It is not cheap and wouldn’t be a quick stop off but it looks fab if you’re planning a longer stop-off.

Junction 12 – Reading

We’ve come off at junction 12 lots of times as we have friends who live north of Reading. There isn’t an awful lot when you first come off the motorway to be honest. But if you’re looking for a quick stop for something to eat, petrol and toilets then a retail park just off the motorway is ideal.

Junction 15, Swindon to Junction 10, Reading - map of reading and theal

Well there we go, more junctions along the M4 covered. If you have any suggestions for places to stop off then please please email me or message me on social! We’d love to add more to these posts!Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

M4 Motorway Jct 15-12 Swindon to Reading

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