3 Hidden Gems in South Somerset – Guest Post

hidden gems and places to visit in South Somerset UK

3 Hidden Gems in South Somerset – Guest Post

Hey there lovelies, what’s new? We’re coming to the end of our hidden gem series this August. It’s been lovely having some guest posters. It hasn’t been something I’ve embraced before but I’ve really enjoyed it. And we’ve covered so many places across the UK – from Bedfordshire and Norfolk, across to Cheshire and Staffordshire, and then right down to the West Sussex coast.

Today we are closer to home with South Somerset, covered by Clare who blogs at Flip Flops or Wellies.  Let’s get started!

Places You Need to Check out in South Somerset

I live in East Devon, very close to the Jurassic Coast and the seaside resort of Lyme Regis and Sidmouth. These areas get a lot of coverage and more than their fair share of Instagram posts! However equal distance to me is South Somerset. A sleepy and unpretentious corner of the West Country. Somerset is best known for its tradition of cider making, Cheddar cheese and Glastonbury Festival.

Of course it has its share of tourist attractions, but here are a few places that I have recently discovered that are worth a look if you are ever in the area.

South West Deer Rescue Centre

You have to book ahead to visit the Deer Rescue Centre, but it is a lovely alternative to a commercial day out. The centre is privately owned and you will be shown around by owner Mike. Some of deer have been rescued from private collectors who no longer want the deer or from places where they are in danger from poachers.

South West Deer Rescue Centre

The types of deer you can see are Red, Fallow, Sika, Muntjac and one breed that are not native to the UK called Axis. If you take some biscuits you can even feed them.
There are paths to walk around to see the different deer and plenty of space for little legs to run off excess energy. It’s ideal for school aged children and they also have a 4 x 4 if required. There is no official entrance fee but a donation is requested.

Wayford Woods near Crewkerne

As a family we love to grab our wellies and head outside for a good walk. This gem of a place was introduced to me by a friend. It hit the local headlines a few years ago for being home to a great many fairies – their little doorways were popping up all over the woods. Well meaning children started to bring presents, sprinkle glitter and trample the bluebells. Sadly it all ended a decision to re-home all the fairies as the tranquil woods had become a tourist attraction that was unsustainable. Now it is just a beautiful place for a walk, with a circular route, tress to climb and a rope swing to enjoy.

The Railway Café at the Trading Post Farm Shop

If you are ever heading to Devon or Cornwall along the A303 this could be an ideal stop off. Just 5 minutes off the main road near Ilminster, this café (restaurant) and farm shop are not even sign posted! Locals don’t seem to have any problem finding it though! The cafe really is a great find. The seating is in one old railway carriage, an old double decker bus as well as large communal tables.

South West Deer Rescue Centre v1

There is a dressing up corner for children and a large outside area for stretching your legs with lovely views across the Somerset countryside. The food was fantastic. Fresh, largely vegetarian and very tasty. Tempting was the delicious looking homemade cakes and coffee that we didn’t have room for. If you’ve not got time to sit down then the farm shop next door has a counter full of lovely looking pies and pasties, fresh bread and all sorts of other delightful food.

The Railway Carriage Cafe

Great Days out and Inspiration

So there you have my 3 hidden gems of South Somerset. A really undiscovered corner of the West Country with beautiful villages built from soothing honey coloured ham stone, National Trust properties and of course an endless supply of proper cider.

For more from Clare, go visit her blog Flip Flops or Wellies, or find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Hidden Gems Part Two

I’ve loved covering so many different areas across the UK. I have a huge bucket list of stuff I want to do! And well, with another bubba on the way, we’ll prob stick to UK travel for a bit anyway. Keep in touch on social for up-to-date info on travel inspiration, oh and baby news – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

hidden gems and places to visit in South Somerset UK

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