Hidden Gems in Norfolk for the Whole Family

Hidden Gems in Norfolk for the Whole Family

Hidden Gems in Norfolk for the Whole Family

Hey, hey. Welcome to the blog and our hidden gems series. I hope you’ve enjoyed discovering loads of places to visit in the UK. I now have a huge list of places I wanna explore! The recent post on Devizes has inspired me to plan a day trip, and I really want to head to Stafforshire to try oatcakes!

Today we’re featuring Norfolk. I must be honest, the only time I’ve ever been was to Hunstanton on a school trip. I was about ten. So yep – many many years ago!

Marie who blogs at XYZ is giving her insider tips for making the most of Norfolk this summer!

Explore Holkham Beach

When I first moved to Norfolk, a few years ago I was keen to explore some hidden gems it had to offer. There’s the obvious ones – The Broads, Cromer and all the other tourist spots.  This time of year they can get very crowded which in turn makes it quite stressful.

With three small dogs and now baby Jasmine, I was keen to get out of the house and see what’s about. There’s some lovely sights in Norfolk, and many great family days out but my favourite is definitely Holkham Beach in Wells-next-the-Sea.

We came across Holkham beach almost by accident, after walking through the wooded area, which is idyllic in itself with lots of wildlife and greenery. We climbed up the steps, walked down on to the sand were blown away by how stunning it is.

Holkham Beach in Wells-next-the-Sea

Celeb Hotspot

We then decided it was our new favourite spot, with white sand going on for miles, the sky touching the sea, with stunning views whatever the weather, with quaint beach huts littered along the edge all painted in different styles and colours, it reminds me of a postcard. Behind the shoreline lies a semi-circular basin, which means, at very high tides, it rapidly fills to form a shallow lagoon.

It’s so picturesque, Gwyneth Paltrow walked across Holkham sand at low tide during the closing scenes of the film ‘Shakespeare in Love’. It was also where All Saints filmed ‘Pure Shores’ and Coldplay filmed ‘Yellow’.

Holkham Beach in Wells-next-the-Sea and reserve

Perfect for the Dogs

It always looks beautiful and panoramic, and the dogs love running along the long stretch of sand, plus it’s safe to let them run, as their only small it doesn’t take long to tire them out. I’ve already mentioned getting to the beach you must walk through the leafy grotto, a shaded area which is really stunning and a great walk in itself. Sign posted to other different rambling paths, grateful for the shade on scorching hot days.

There’s many different paths to take, with benches along the way for a pit stop, water bowls for the dogs and water taps.

Holkham Beach in Wells-next-the-Sea walking path ways

Relax and Unwind

There’s a gorgeous lake, a habitat to lots of wildlife, it always seems placid and calm, time it right and you’ll see ducklings! There’s also a little cafe on the way out which not only sell great ice cream, it also has a doggy ‘bar’ three barrels of water for the dogs labelled ‘paw-roni’ and ‘pug-weiser’ – a really sweet touch. A couple of little tips for you – firstly, go early! The earlier you go the quieter it is, it’s so peaceful and relaxing during these times, it’s so lovely to stroll along, just to gather your thoughts. I rarely have time to do that these days so I’m grateful for the time I do get. I’d urge you to try and go early at least once.

Visit “The Victoria” for a Dog-Friendly Pub Stop

Another tip if you fancy a sandwich or a glass of wine is to venture down the road to ‘The Victoria’ a dog friendly pub which serves English classics which are not only delicious but reasonably priced too. They welcome dogs on leads and there’s plenty of water in bowls around.

Visit "The Victoria" for a Dog-Friendly Pub Stop

I feel even my pictures can’t champion this treasure enough, I’d really recommend you go to enjoy it for yourself!

Thank you so much Marie for such a lovely post – and now Norfolk is on the list! You can find Marie online at Tummy 2 Mummy, as well as on social:  Instagram and Twitter.

Hidden Gems in Norfolk for the Whole Family

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  1. Wow – I so loved reading this post, and so glad you loved our very own Wells-next-the-Sea beach. We take our own 3 dogs there, and they absolutely love it! One of them is blind, and he will just run for miles knowing that he’ll not blunder over anything, or into anyone……poor Rupert, he remembers Wells Beach before he was blind, and is so heartwarming to watch him run when he realises where he is!

    So, thank you once again – remember, if you’re back in Norfolk any time soon, please do think about staying with us a the very dog friendly Pillar Box House where our 3 Yorkshire terriers used to live a while back. Rupert, Lulu & Flora are all little Houdini’s, but pleased to report that the garden is dog-proof and fully enclosed.

    Thank you for brightening up my lunch break with thoughts of Norfolk beaches x

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