8 Summer Reading Tips for Kids Who Are Reluctant to Read!

8 Summer Reading Tips for Kids Who Are Reluctant to Read!

8 Summer Reading Tips for Kids Who Are Reluctant to Read!

Hey hey, whats up? Ever since B started school, I’ve been stressed about how well he is doing reading-wise. School says he is doing just fine and not to worry but whenever we sit down and practice at home, B is more interested in spelling out poo, bum and willy. Great.

Now that the long six week school holiday is here, I really want to make sure we don’t lose any of our reading progress before starting year one in September. I’ve enlisted the help from other parents and bloggers to share their tips for keeping their kids interested in reading over the hols. Let’s get started!

Teach Your Monster App

Tip one comes from not a blogger but a mum friend who happens to also be a teacher. So yep, I trust her advice. When expressing my worries to said friend, she recommend the app Teach Your Monster to Read. It turns out she’d recommended this months ago and when I looked on our iPad, there it was.

There are loads of apps out there, and many free, but the massive plus for me with this one is it is English spoken with an English accent, and it follows everything that B has learnt at school. It makes phonics fun and accessible and B has really enjoyed “playing” this game on the iPad.

As of today, the app costs £4.99 on Apple at the mo, or is free to use on a desktop computer.

Personalised Books

Emma at Happy Family Hub recommends personalised books for encouraging littles to read.

Personalised books are a great way to excite and inspire a child. We recently got a football one which not only encourages her to read, but she also learns about teamwork and inspires her to play football too! She likes reading it again and again.”

Use Your Library

Jess at Tantrums to Smiles recommends getting the most out of your library. And I couldn’t agree more. We love going to the library and picking some books together to enjoy.

“Check out your local library! Our local council run library offers a summer holidays reading challenge. Basically kids go in to the library and sign up, when they sign up they are given a little paper character they colour in and place on the library wall. Every 2/3 books they read they go back to the library and collect stickers to put in a booklet you get when you sign up (and move your character along the library wall). Once you have read 6 books you go back and collect a medal and some other stickers, bookmark and some other cool bits that change each year. Its free to do and keeps my kids reading through the summer holidays and we get to pick new books each week on our visit to the library!”

how to help your child read during the summer holidays by using your local library

Summer Scrapbooks

Carol at Virtually Allsorts lists a number of ideas in this round-up post. I particularly like the idea of working on a homemade book together! This would also help encourage B to write too!

Enlist a Sibling

If you have one, Terri at The Strawberry Fountain recommends getting an older child to read to their brother or sister.

“I get my older child to read to his younger brother. They are easier then his school books so he doesn’t see it as homework but he’s still reading and it’s adorable to watch!” 

Or a Pet!

One thing we do often try and get B to do is read to Jerry cat.how to help your child read during the summer holidays

Out and About

One thing we try and do when out and about on day trips, is have B read us signs. Road signs, warning signs, shop names – anything that gets him sounding out and having a go.

Build a Reading Den

One thing that B loves to do is build dens. What child doesn’t ey. Take a torch and some books and have some fun reading by torch light.

encouraging children to read during the summer

What tips do you have to keep your little one reading over the summer holidays? Feel free to share with me here or on social! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

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8 Summer Reading Tips for Kids Who Are Reluctant to Read!

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