3 Affordable Hidden Gems in Cheshire – Guest Post

3 Affordable Hidden Gems in Cheshire perfect for family days out and holidays

3 Affordable Hidden Gems in Cheshire

Hey hey, another day. How’s it going? I really hope you’ve enjoyed the hidden gems series so far! It’s been really fun reading about place I’m not familiar with. It makes me want to do a UK tour and get to know my own country better. If you’re catching up, here’s Lincolnshire, Cambridge and West Sussex hidden gem posts.

Today on the blog I have Emma who blogs at Fit Cake guest posting for me. She’s sharing her hidden gems for Cheshire. Cheshire is a place I know pretty much nothing about. I remember going to Chester years ago for a work team building treasure hunt around the city. But other than that, I have no knowledge about Cheshire!

3 Affordable Hidden Gems in Cheshire perfect for family days out and holidays - map of area in UK

So with that, let’s get going…

Affordable Family Adventures in Cheshire

I love living in Cheshire. In the past year or so since we found our adventure boots once again, we’ve traveled across the county finding little adventures and affordable fun that anyone can enjoy.

The main reason we get out so much is that we live in a tiny little village almost central which means that now we have the chance to get out and explore so many other areas.
My absolute favourite thing to do has to be walking the historic walls of Chester and Grosvenor Park in the city. The route takes a little while to walk around, with plenty of views, history and ideal pictures to capture. I also just need to point out that Grosvenor Park is pristine, with stunning plants, views over the river and a lovely child friendly play area complete with a mini train ride and ducklings during the Spring.

The Crocky Trail

We recently discovered The Crocky Trail near the village where we live, it is our go to place for affordable fun. It costs £40 for a family of four and you can easily spend an entire day here. There is a massive play area including multiple slides, fairground style games that are included in the price and haunted houses.

As well as this there are some lovely picnic areas, huge open fields and the adventure trail itself. This consists of a river trail, multiple bridges, rope swings, a jail and gladiator style obstacles to get yourself around.

fun in cheshire at the crocky trail

Reaseheath Zoo

My next choice has to be Reaseheath Zoo. Although not your conventional zoo like the world-famous Chester Zoo. Reaseheath is an educational facility for those that want to get involved in animal management and zoology type fields. Every school holiday and summer holiday they open their doors to the public and allow families to visit and venture around the zoo.

I like it because it’s a little more intimate then a mainstream zoo, you can get up close to the animals and really get a sense of their personalities and how they interact with each other.
They also have a walk among the lemur’s section, you can literally get right in front of them at feeding time. Perfect if you have little explorers obsessed with unusual animals they wouldn’t normally get this close to.

Reaseheath's Mini Zoo and research centre

Marbury Park

Last but by no means least, Marbury Park. A recent find when we first moved away from the West side of Cheshire. Situated in Northwich the park is stunning. It is a pay and display but there is a massive picnic area, plenty of fields to explore, a large adventure play area for kids and even an outdoor swimming pool to take advantage of. Ideal for the heatwave we’ve been experiencing lately.

If you’re looking for somewhere to take your dog for a peaceful stroll you can also walk along the side of the mere, say hello to the swans and sit in the dedicated bird watching area to spot some rare birds.

hidden gems in Cheshire

These places come recommended by my two children and they are always asking when we can go. Plus, how often is it you can pop along and learn so much while spending so little.
Always worthy of an adventure I say.

Emma blogs at over at Fit Cake and you can find her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

More Hidden Gems to Come

So there we have Cheshire…what’s next on the hidden gem list? I’m bringing you Somerset very soon, as well as Derbyshire and Bedfordshire…stay tuned!

3 Affordable Hidden Gems in Cheshire perfect for family days out and holidays


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