Three Beaches You Need to Visit in Lincolnshire this Summer!

If you're visiting Lincolnshire on the east UK coast this summer, take a look at these hidden gems and must-visit beaches in the area. Perfect for families.

Hidden Gems  – Kicking Off with Lincolnshire!

Hello lovelies and welcome. We’re doing something a little different over summer. After the Lego party, I need a break! I’ve teamed up with some wonderful bloggers to deliver you a series of posts all about hidden gems located around the UK. So think places the tourists don’t often visit and secrets only the locals know.

To kick off our series, I have guest post from Suzy, a family travel blogger at Our Bucket List Lives. Suzy shares with us her insider information on beaches in Lincolnshire. If you’re in the area this summer then read on because these beaches sound fab!

hidden gems in the UK - Lincolnshire beaches you probably haven't heard of

Secret Beaches You Should Visit this Summer in Lincolnshire

Since moving back to the UK from France we have spent the past three years living in Lincolnshire. During that time we have experienced numerous days out. As a pretty much newbie to the area we have found many different places to visit and explore. Lincolnshire is well known for it’s long stretches of beaches, it also has a large number of farm parks. There’s even a theme park over near Skegness.

As a child growing up in Derbyshire our nearest seaside resort was Skegness. We visited a few times as a child and yes, it is the biggest beach resort in Lincolnshire. It is however not my favourite. My hidden gems are my three favourite beaches to visit other than Skegness.

Beach #1 Mablethorpe

There is so much to see and do at Mablethorpe. The sea is also closer than most of the beaches along the Lincolnshire coast. It can take a very long time to reach the sea from the beaches at Skegness. Luckily it’s not as far at Mablethorpe. Because of this they have a sand train that runs up and down the north beach which even goes in the sea for some of the journey. What fun!

Mablethorpe has at least 5 crazy golf courses our favourite being based on a pirate theme. There’s a really fun fairground where none of the rides cost silly money. You can go for donkey rides on the beach and eat some really tasty fish and chips. A little out of the centre Mablethorpe even has a paddling pool with beach huts, a boating lake and a miniature
train. It’s a perfect destination for a mini break or even a day out. It also never gets as busy as Skegness so you don’t end up sat in a massive long traffic jam.

mablethorpe beach in Lincolnshire

Beach #2 Sutton-on-Sea

Sutton-on-Sea is one of the smallest resorts on the Lincolnshire coast. This doesn’t mean it’s not worth a visit. The beach is often pretty empty and the sand is golden and perfect for building sandcastles. They have a long stretch of beach huts which have their very own beach hut festival every year. There’s a fun paddling area for the kids and although the town is much smaller there’s still a few amusements and places to buy fish and chips. We love going to Sutton-on-Sea in the winter for a bracing stroll along the promenade.

sutton on sea beach fun in Lincolnshire this summer

Beach #3 Anderby Creek

This beach doesn’t even have a resort. In fact aside from public facilities and a small cafe you may wonder why I’m recommending Anderby Creek. The simple fact is it’s beautiful and peaceful. There’s some lovely dunes along the beach which are perfect for sitting and playing in as they create a natural windbreak. The sea is often close by so you don’t have to walk far. The beach is often covered in shells so take a bucket. There’s even a few ‘art installations’ waiting to be found and explored along the beach edge. It’s a perfect beach to unwind at. But shhhh don’t tell everyone.

Anderby Creek beach fun in Lincolnshire this summer

Thanks for reading. My name is Suzy and I’m a family travel blogger. We live our lives via our family bucket list and you can see what we’ve been up to over at Our Bucket List Lives and also on social media, Facebook and Twitter.

Keep Reading for More Hidden Gems!

And there you have it! Our very first guest post in our Hidden Gems series. Keep tuned over the coming weeks as we’ll be sharing loads more hidden gem posts, with the aim of getting you out and about this summer!

3 beaches you must visit in Lincolnshire this summer

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