Science Fun With Beaker Creatures from Learning Resources!

Beaker creatures from Learning Resources - review of this science STEM toy

Making Science Fun With Beaker Creatures from Learning Resources!

Hey hey, how’s it going? Had enough of the heat already? Panic bought a paddling pool? Yep, that’s us.

So today on the blog we’re reviewing something very exciting – a new range of “science meets collectibles” toys from Learning Resources – Creature Beakers! We were very kindly sent three sets to review and we share with you our unboxing, experiments and mess in this short video!

Beaker Creatures, series one, are fun collectibles which need extracting from their Reactor Pods. Identify them using your classification cards and continue to use your science equipment for more fun experiments.

The sets are aimed at five years and above. My son is just five and would have enjoyed these at aged four too. We’ve been doing a lot of STEM learning at home – outdoor water sensory tables, ice eggs, Learning Resources Play Foam and forest sensory play trays!

Beaker Creatures – The Two Pack with Bio-Home

First up, we opened the two pack with the bio-home. In this pack you get two Reactor Pods, containing a beaker creature in each. You never know what you’re going to get as these creatures are hidden in colourful fizzing, foaming granules. A bit like a bath bomb really!

beaker creatures science stem learning fun with learning resources

Once we’d dissolved our pod and found our creature, we popped him in the bio-home to take a closer look and classify. This set comes with two classification cards and mini posters, each containing fun science facts.

These type of fact-cards are great for reading with B. He’s been very reluctant to practice his school phonics books lately, but give him something science-themed and he’s interested.

Beaker Creatures Magnification Chamber

The magnification chamber is like a large test tube with a magnifying glass attached. B particularly liked this!

beaker creatures science stem learning fun with learning resources magnification chamber

Once you’ve extracted your creature from it’s Reactor Pod, pop it into the display chamber to examine further. You can also use this to store some of the creatures.

Be sure to read through the instruction book as it details some other simple experiments you can do at home using general household items. So think vinegar, food colouring and bicarbonate of soda.

Buy the Magnification Chamber!

beaker creatures science stem learning fun with learning resources toys, our review of the magnifying chamber

The Liquid Reactor Super Lab

The Liquid Reactor Super Lab is the daddy of all science labs. It’s a whooping 15 piece set which includes two reactor pods, a super lab base, two plungers, 2 separate beakers, a stirrer and a set of tongs.

As you can see, B was excited to get going with this one!

beaker creatures science stem learning fun with learning resources reactor lab

Again the concept is simple, unwrap your Reactor Pods and place into water…

Ah but wait…

This time you’ll carefully place your Pod into the Super Lab Chamber and then use the plungers to submerge the Pod in water!

If you saw the video, you will have seen that our water sprayed right out the top of the plungers, which of course B thought was hilarious. It turns out the tubes underneath the lab were slightly folded, meaning the water couldn’t flow through properly. Check this before plunging and just make sure they are all straight before you start to plunge.

beaker creatures reactor lab review

Once you’ve discovered which creatures you have, there’s still loads of playtime fun to be had with this awesome set. Using the beakers, you can try out a number of experiments, from homemade slime, to fun with food colouring and oil. The instruction booklet includes a number of experiments to try out and they use ingredients that you probably have at home already.

Buy the Learning Resources Beaker Creatures Lab Set!

beaker creatures reactor lab review and fun experiments

Beaker Creatures Discovered!

Have you tried Beaker Creatures yet? We absolutely love anything science and STEM related and these types of toys are the ones B always enjoys the most. Be sure to watch the video if you haven’t to find out which creatures we found! And follow us on social for more fun updates and toy reviews. We only bring you the best! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

Beaker creatures from Learning Resources - review of this science STEM toys review

Disclaimer: We were given these toys to review. All opinions and thoughts are our own. This post also contains affiliate links.

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