Top 10 Summer Beach Reads You Need this Year!

top ten summer beach and holiday reads you need to know about

Round up of 10 Summer Beach Reads – Classics to Moderns

Hey there and welcome. How’s it going? I’ve been a bit lazy the last few weeks. My blogging enthusiasm has waned and I’ve become a coach potato, obsessed with Netflix. Hmm. Anyways, let’s get back on it and start with a round-up of your fave reads for Summer 2018! I’ve enlisted some of my favourite bloggers to help me out, and feel free to leave your fave books in the comments, or on social here: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

best beach reads for the summer recommended by mums

Me and B Top Reads This Summer

I have a HUGE  “To Be Read” pile. Honestly, it doesn’t stop growing. You can catch up on some of my fave reads this year in the May book round-up and April book round-up. We’ve read some fab books and some truly awful ones. It has to be said, I’m moving away from fiction and much preferring true-life stories. So my first recommendation for anyone this summer is:

Lion – Saroo Brierly 

This book is amazing and will have you in tears from the start. It’s a mix of emotions really – fear, right through to joy and relief. I read this book after watching the film. The book gives you a bit more insight into Saroo’s live and final journey to find his way home…

Next up for me is one you probably don’t want to read while on the beach…

Tsunami Kids

It tells the story of two brother’s who were caught up in the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004. It’s incredibly sad, as you can imagine, but it is also a story of survival and success. I’d say it’s a must read, and trust me, afterwards, you’ll be online, purchasing a million flip flops from the Gandy Brothers!


What The Bloggers Recommend!

Ok so next up are some recommendations from the bloggersphere!

Eva from Captain Bobcat suggests Tender Is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald. “It takes you back to the summers on the Cote dAzur back in the roaring twenties.”

Sarah at Mummy Cat Notes has started re-reading the Harry Potter series! “I forgot how good it was! Sitting down once in a while and getting through a few chapters has been my favorite thing to do in the warm evenings.”

best beach reads for the summer recommended by mums

Alice at Living with a Jude says “I’m in love with a book called No and Me by Delphine de ViganIt’s really unusual but so touching at the same time. It’s based in France and looks at a relationship between a Parisian girl and a homeless girl she happens across one day. The dynamics about family life and emotions is just fantastic.”


Kelly at And the Kids Blog recommends The Man Who Didn’t Call by Rosie Walsh. “I’d heard good things and it absolutely lived up to them. Lots of twists and I read it in a day. I couldn’t put it down!”

Emma at Reddie Freddie Go recommends Castaway by Lucy Irvine. “I read this years ago and it always made me want to go to a desert island. When we went to the Maldives, I took it with me and it was the best choice. When I read it now in the summer I remember the warm sea and silky hot sand.”

best beach reads and books for the summer recommended by mums

Kaye at Hello Archie says “I just read Eve of Man by Tom and Giovanna Fletcher and LOVED it. How it would feel to be the first girl born in 50 years!”

Inspired to Travel

Jenny at the Gingerbread House wants to head off to Sri Lanka! “I really enjoyed The Sapphire Widow, it definitely inspires me to travel to Sri Lanka one day!”

I love a book that makes me want to pack up my bags and go. Have you read one like that recently?

Classic Summer Reads

Nikki at Yorkshire Wonders recommends a classic. “I love to read Sense and Sensibility (Jane Austen) in the summer, I think it’s the picnics and rides they take that make it perfect summer reading, or perhaps I first read it in the summer and my mind connects the two!”

best beach reads and books for the summer recommended by mums

What’s on your summer to read list? A classic or something modern? Any recommendations for me?

Top ten summer beach and holiday reads you need to know about! These are perfect for the airport or lounging by the pool!

Disclaimer: This post includes a few Amazon affiliate links.

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