Where to Find the Best Resources and Printables for a Lego Party!

Everything you need for an awesome lego themed party (1)

Where to Find the Best Party Resources for a Lego Party

Blimey, it’s nearly the Lego party. How fast has this year gone ey. It feels like yesterday that I was booking the bouncy castle before the Christmas discount code expired. And it feels like yesterday that B turned four and we threw the Ninja Mutant Turtle whatnot party!

So anyways, let me share with you a few resources which have been really handy for putting together some fun bits and bobs for the Lego party.

Everything you need for an awesome lego themed party


After searching for template online and having a play around on Canva, I decided to use these awesome Lego Birthday invites from HaleGrafx.

lego invitation ideas - perfect for parties
Image credit – HaleGrafx

They are free to download and printed well on to card.

I like these printables from Paper Trail Design too. You could customise then to suit your own wording too.


It turns out HaleGrafx do a whole host of Lego themed printables, free to download and use. We printed off a load of coloured bricks and surrounded the play room door frame with them. Construction zone!

lego party decor ideas using printed block paper

Grab the LEGO Building Block Digital Paper Pack here.

Happy Birthday Banner

I also used HaleGrafx to print a Birthday banner. Have a look at the LEGO building block banner here.

lego party decor ideas using printed block paper

You could personalise it with your child’s name too. I ran out of ink. Oops.

Food – Build Your Own!

Now I spent ages scouring Pinterest and the internet for LEGO food ideas. And there are loads…if you have time to faff on. Time is something that is precious and to be honest I really don’t have oodles of it this year.

lego party decor ideas for drinks and food

And then I can across it…an obscure “Build Your Own” pin which inspired my Build Your Own Sandwich Station. So that’s what we’re having. Bread, ham, cheese, salad, dips. The kids can put their own sandwiches together, personalizing them to their own tastes.

For food and party ideas, take a look at my Lego Birthday Party Ideas on Pinterest. Over 90 pins of Lego Party stuff!

For fun ice cubes, grab some LEGO style ice-cube trays here:

I used these for ice but also for creating icing blocks for the cake…more to come on that in another post soon!

Jelly Mini Figures

One thing you can do is print out LEGO themed stickers and stick them onto Yellow Jellies. I had planned to make them into minifigure heads but the sticky labels were a real pain to get off! In the end I used printable labels from HaleGrafx and simply stuck them on!

lego party decorations and food ideas for kids. Minifigure jelly heads are lots of fun.


For drinks, I’ve purchased Fruit Shoots and water. I then printed these LEGO Bottle Labels  from HaleGrafx.

lego party decor ideas for drinks and food


When we’ve had parties in the past, I’ve found it’s worked better without organised games. This year I have a “Construction Zone” – it’s a LEGO party right…B will wanna build LEGO!

lego party decorate your own minifigure station

I’m also setting up a table with pencils and crayons, complete with blank mini figures printed onto plain paper. This is the “Decorate your Mini Figure” Station.

I also spray painted some jam jars yellow and painted faces on – they make cute pencil holders.

lego party decorations using lego for cutlery and napkin holders

And finally, a super easy one, but a “LEGO Tattoo Station”. Temporary tattoos went down a storm at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party last year. This year I’ll leave the tattoos and a sponge and the kids can help themselves. I looked up LEGO Tattoos on eBay and there were loads to choose from.

So there you go, loads of fun ideas to get your party started. If you plan early, you can absolutely achieve all of the above! And if you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to share it with your friends on Facebook, and pin the images for later!


Everything you need for an awesome lego themed party


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