Wobbly Worm by Spin Master – Game Review!

SpinMaster - Wobbly worm game review - everything you need to know

Wobbly Worm Ring Toss Game Review

Hey there and welcome to the blog. It’s been such a busy week and I’ve been guilty of not posting. Oops! We had the Lego party, B is nearly FIVE! Seems like yesterday that I wrote about him turning four. And it feels like only yesterday that we did the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party!

Today on the blog we’re reviewing a new game from SpinMaster – Wobbly Worm. And as the name suggests, it really is a wobbling worm!

Our review of wobbly worm game by spinmaster

What’s in the Box?

Wobbly Worm comes with a large half apple, coloured rings of different sizes and your worm, which comprises a number of segments and the head. You need 2 batteries, size C, so make sure you have those to hand. We didn’t and B wasn’t too impressed that he had to wait a day. Impatient monkey!

Our review of wobbly worm game by spinmaster - what do you get in the box

How do you Play Wobbly Worm?

This game couldn’t be more simple. Just press the button on the large apple and the worm starts to wobble and wiggle about. Each player takes it in turn to try and get their three hoops over the Wobbly worm’s head.

The segments which make up the worm can be shortened to make the game a bit easier – we still missed!

Our review of wobbly worm game by spinmaster playing fun

Wobbly Worm Fun and some Additional Learning Benefits

We really enjoyed playing Wobbly Worm and B had a lot of fun trying to get his hoops over the worm’s head. There are a few learning benefits too for playing this game – it isn’t just all wobbly silliness!

Hand-eye Coordination – This game is all about timing and practicing hand-eye coordination

Turn Taking – Wobbly Worm can have up to three players – if you go by the hope colours. You can play where all players throw at the same time, or better, we took it in turns. Games like this are helpful for teaching B to wait his turn and learn a little patience.

Our review of wobbly worm game by spinmaster - perfect for turn taking and learning

Gross Motor Skills – With three levels of difficulty, this game makes practicing gross motor skills easy.

Active Play – This game opens up opportunities to be active. We played it outside as well as inside and B enjoyed running about, collecting all the hoops that had missed the worm!

Our review of wobbly worm game by spinmaster - great for encouraging active play

Have you played Wobbly Worm? What did you think?! We’ll definitely be getting this one out again very soon! Other games we reviewed include Poopy Head and Big Beard Battle!

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Our review of wobbly worm game by spinmaster - lots of family fun for kids

Disclaimer: We were sent a copy of Wobbly Worm to review. Thoughts and opinions are honest and our own. This post also contains affiliate links. 

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