Having Fun  With Strictly Briks – We Put Them to the Test!

Let your imagination run wild with Strictly Briks. They are compatible with other major brands that you probably already have!

Having Fun  With Strictly Briks

Hey there and welcome. I hope you’re all good. We’re getting ready for the little guy’s fifth birthday party. How fast did that go. Seems like yesterday that he turned four. He loved his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party, but this year it is all about the mighty brick.

Today on the blog we’re reviewing Strictly Briks – the big bricks, the base plates for regular sized bricks and the soft silicon base mat. And the best thing about these bricks, they are compatible with the well-known major brands – so LEGO and DUPLO.

Strictly Bricks Review compatible with lego

Reversible Silicon Base Plate

This base plate is really handy for taking out and about. It’s made of soft, water resistant silicone and comes in a range of colours. One side will fit your regular bricks and the other, the larger style bricks.

Strictly Bricks Review of silicon reversible mat base plate

This pack comes with a handy bag to keep all your bricks and bits in too. You can be as creative as you like, wherever you are. I can see this coming in handy when out and about as it’s easy enough to roll up and pop in the rucksack.

Classic Baseplates -10″ x 10″ Building Brick Base Plates by Strictly Briks

The base plates are very cool and completely compatible with other brands you probably have – LEGO, Wilko Blox etc.

They come in a range of colours and I’m loving the rainbow shades. Make summer scenes using green for grass and yellow for sand. Or try a winter, snow scene using the white base plates. Base plates will be really handy for our party – think food stands for cupcakes and other nibbles.

Strictly Brics Review base plates like lego

You really don’t have to spend a small fortune to expand your base plate collection. Look at the colours!

Strictly Brics Review base plates like lego rainbow set

Big Briks Starter Set

The Big Briks Starter sets are really designed for younger children, although B still enjoyed stacking all the plates. They come in different shapes as well which makes things a bit interesting – triangle and semi-circles.

Strictly Bricks Review

Because the bricks are bigger, it’s a lot quicker to stack them. Although we found they didn’t hold as well as other brands we’ve played with. The easily came apart and this irritated B. I found the backs of the plates a little odd too – they don’t easily slot into the bricks below.

Strictly Bricks Review like duplor

The bigger plates are great for building anything larger. I really am going to use them for the cake haha!

Have you tried Strictly Briks? Thoughts? I think the regular sized base plates and silicone mat works really well. We weren’t as keen on the larger bricks.

Strictly Bricks Review pinterest thumb

Disclaimer: We were sent these products to review. Thoughts and opinions are honest and my own. This post also includes a couple of affiliate links which means I get a small commission if you purchase using these links.

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