9 Top Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Kid’s Party!

party planning tips tricks and ideas for childs birthday

9 Top Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Kid’s Party!

Hello there. How’s it going? Enjoying the sunshine? It is literally a month now until B’s birthday party and I need to get my skates on. I just sent out the invites and I feel like I’m semi-organised. Kinda…

I like to share some tips and lessons-learned with you guys and today they are all about planning a party. With the aim of it being stress-free and fun.

I know, I know, maybe “fun” isn’t the right word but hear me out!

Copy of nine top tips for a stress free kids party

Top Tips Here We Come…

OK so let’s get this party started. Number one…

1 – Budget

Probably the first thing you want to figure out is how much you wanna spend. That will determine everything else! We do like to budget!

2 – Pick a place

Decide on you venue – your house or mine? If you have the space, you can keep costs down at home. But do you want umpteen kids trashing your house? Probably not. Church halls and sports halls are usually fairly cheap to hire if cost is an issue.

keeping childrens party simple and stress free with bouncy castle

3 – Set your date and time

Obvs right but if you have really little ones, you may want to plan around nap times/lunch times etc. Now that B is nearly five, I don’t overly care about timings.

4 – Theme

Does your little one want a themed party? Themes are fun but try and persuade your little one to keep it fairly simple. B suggested a Lego Iron Man party. Erm, no, Lego will be just fine buddy!

apples decorated ninja turtle party theme

5 – Guest list

You don’t have to invite the whole class. Honestly. Don’t. Limit numbers and ask your little one who they really want to invite. Fortunately for me, B only wanted a few friends from his class. The rest are friends we’ve known for ages.

6 – Invites

Paper, digital? Now I would be happy with just a text or Facebook message, but there’s something nice about handing out invites to friends. B really enjoys this. You can pick packs up in the pound shops, or we printed ours at home, using a template we found online.

7 – Ditch the games

Unless your little one is desperate for a pass the parcel, I say make it easy on yourself and let them play and be free. Last year we hired a bouncy castle and I did not really see my son for a good six hours. The kids were happy to bounce, eat, bounce and eat. Bluergh.

Although I did freeze some ice eggs the day before and these went down a storm. So easy and kept the kids happy for a good five minutes! Water sensory play is a great idea and easy to do too. Or you could set up a mud kitchen.

ice egg sensory play for party in the summer

8 – Keep food simple

It depends how much time you have on your hands but I know on party day, I don’t want to stress-on with making Lego themed sandwiches. Last summer we had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme – Pizzas and veggie sticks. Pizza watermelon and slime (jelly) for pudding. Job done.

teenage mutant ninja turtles party theme food

9 – Party bags

There are so many options for keeping things simple these days – sweet cones, books, blind bags. Easy peasy.

SO there you go, party planning made easy! Be sure to follow us on all the social channels for more fun ideas and to see what we get up to at B’s next party! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

make party planning a childs birthday super easy with these tips and tricks



  1. Wow, these ideas are fantastic. Being a full time Children’s Entertainer I am always looking for party food/decoration theme ideas to share with my clients and parents on my Facebook page.

    I will definitely be sharing these brilliant ideas, thank you sooooo much.


    • Thanks Scott, pleases you found them handy! You should def check out the turtles theme post. Lego one coming soon 🙂

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