How to Transform an Old Tea Cart into a BBQ Trolley!

How to Transform an Old Tea Cart into a BBQ Trolley

How to Transform an Old Tea Cart into a BBQ Trolley!

Hey there. How’s it going? If you know me or follow me on social then you might know that I love upcycling stuff. I love taking an old piece of furniture and transforming it into something shiny and new. Although technically the hubby made this mud kitchen, it is a great example of upcycling something old, to make something new. And we love a good car boot sale to find bargains!

Today I’m showing you how i turned a five quid tea trolley I picked up off the Facebook market place, into a very cool wheel out BBQ cart. Perfect for your plates, sauces, napkins and drinks. Perfect for a party!

Doesn’t it look fab!?!

How to Transform an Old Tea Trolley cart into a BBQ Trolley

Step 1 – Find a Tea Trolley or Cart

Now depending on where you’re located in the world, you’ll either call this a cart or trolley. Your best bet is Facebook market place, eBay or car boot sales. If you’re not sure on car boots then take a look at my guide here. I show you the sort of things you can pick up. Basically loads for pennies.

Step 2 – Sand your Cart Down

Now you can use good old sandpaper but an electric sander is a lot quicker. If you plan a few projects then it is a good idea to invest in one. You won’t be disappointed.

How to Transform an Old Tea Trolley cart into a BBQ Trolley sanding down

Step 3 – Undercoat

Give your table a lick of undercoat. I don’t use anything fancy, just a base paint of white. I’ve also been using a white chalk paint which I picked up in Aldi. It is fine as an undercoat but I’m not keen as a top coat.

Step 4 – Undercoat again

Depending on the shade of your wood, you might want to paint a second undercoat. I’ll leave this up to you! You can see in the image below that the darker wood shows through. I wasn’t too worried on lots of coats here as I was adding oil cloth to the tray bit anyway.

tea cart makeover and painting for bbq drinks station

Step 5 – Paint

Paint your table using a decent chalk or furniture paint. My personal fave is Farrow and Ball. I’ve tried the cheaper versions and they don’t come close. I like the richness of F&B and I love how it goes on. It’s super smooth and covers the area really well. Even though it feels like you’re forking a lot out upfront, trust me, you won’t be disappointed once you start painting.

For this tea trolley, I actually used a garden paint. I imagine the trolley may get left outside so I want it to brace the elements if needed.

paint used for painting tea cart and repurposing for bbq station

Step 6 – Add Oil Cloth/PVC Cloth

To finish off your BBQ table, pick an oil cloth and cut to size. I picked this pretty BBQ themed cloth from The Range. It comes on the roll and was around £3.50 for a meter. Now i stick mine down using UHU glue but it can cause some ridges. Have a little experiment beforehand to ensure the oil cloth doesn’t pucker or lose shape.

using oil cloth or pvc table cloth on an old tea trolley

This type of PVC cloth is ideal because it can be wiped clean. Perfect for any ketchup spills.

Step 7 – Add Colour

Now this is only if you want to but my table had mounds on each corner. I decided to paint them in a bright yellow chalk paint tester I had!

How to Transform an Old Tea Trolley cart into a BBQ Trolley using oil cloth

So there we go – we went from plain, old boring tea trolley to a fully repurposed cart, complete with PVC cloth and colour. We just tried this out last weekend when the weather was sunny. It worked really well and Mr D popped all his BBQ utensils on here.

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How to Transform an Old Tea Cart into a BBQ Trolley

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