12 Simple Garden Projects and Ideas for Kids!

12 Simple Gardening Projects and Ideas for Kids

12 Simple Garden Projects and Ideas for Kids!

Hasn’t the weather been amaze! Today on the blog I’m sharing with you some really easy ideas for encouraging little ones to get out and about in the garden. To be honest, give B a paddling pool and he is off! But if you need other ideas or haven’t the space/patience for a pool, here are some fab ideas to try. We love mud kitchens – and especially easy to make, budget mud kitchens!

Growing Seeds

We absolutely love growing seeds. There is something magical about seeing the first leaves pop through the soil to say hello. We’ve planted a lot this year and I really hope our giant pumpkins take off! If you’re looking for a handy guide on which seeds work best with kids, take a nose at this post by Growing Family.

growing seeds in the garden with kids


Digging is such a simple garden activity but one that keeps little ones entertained for ages! Grab a pot, grab some soil and go. One thing that works well is hiding “treasure” in the soil and letting your littles find it. We do this often on the beach too using coins.

Water the Plants

What better way to get little ones involved in gardening. And you can create your very own watering can for them using a simple milk bottle. For a full tutorial, check out this post by Rachael who blogs at Lukeosaurus and Me!

DIY watering can for toddlers made out of milk bottle

To be fair, watering the garden here means full on water fight! Do not let your child have the hose. Big mistake.

Grow a Herb Garden

Herbs are fairly easy to grow – she says, having just watched all my seeds die. Oops. If you’re not having much luck, grab some herbs from the garden center and pot them up. It’s fun to pick them and use them in food too. B loves adding parsley and basil to our dishes.

Scavenger Hunts

These are fun not only in the garden but if you are walking about. I was going to write “during the summer” but actually, a winter or autumn scavenger hunt would work equally as well! You can get your free scavenger hunt on me and b for free. Take a nose here. You can download the colour printable now. No registration required.

outdoor garden scavenger hunt and treasure hunt trail

Flower Pressing

If you have some flowers that need picking then why not try some flower pressing. Even daisy and dandelions work well. Pop them between some paper and a few books for a few days. Or if you’re really into the pressing scene, you can pick up a proper flower press online. I used to own one just like this when I was a kid.

 Rustic Wooden Vintage Style 10cm Flower Press

Mini Sensory Trays

If the weather is a bit pants and you want to bring the outside in, put together a mini sensory tray. By mini I mean big enough to sit on the table, not the huge cement tuff tray type activities. Take a look at this mini forest we created here.

forest sensory tray activity

Fairy Gardens

Fairy gardens work really well in dishes and pots too. Think anything small – shells, pebbles and doll’s house furniture.

Fairy Doors

If you can’t be bothered with a full on fairy garden, why not install a fairy door. Just as much fun for little ones hey. Think painted stone and some chalk! Check out the full details in this blog post on The Gingerbread House!

painted fairy garden door ideas for kids

Painting Stones

Painting pebbles is all the rage at the moment. We recently used Mardles stickers to decorate ours with. They are a lot of fun because if you download the app, the stickers come to life! As in literally!

mardles augmented reality pebble rock stone stickers

We had a lot of fun hiding them near where we live. We must have hidden over twenty now!

mardles augmented reality pebble rock stone stickers

Outdoor Chalkboard

Chalkboards seem to be really popular at the mo and I’ve seen loads on Pinterest about outside chalkboards and ones in the kitchen. This step by step guide by Rock and Roll Pussycat is fab. You’ll have your own garden chalkboard up in no time!

outdoor garden chalkboard ideas for kids perfect for summer garden activities


Growing Sunflowers 

I remember growing sunflowers when I was a kid! Kelly-Anne gives a nice how-to on her blog for growing sunflowers! Take a read here.

So there we are, 12 super easy ideas for encouraging outdoor fun this spring and summer. Any other fab ideas to add?

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12 Simple Gardening Projects and Ideas for Kids

Disclaimer: We were sent the Mardles Stickers to review. We genuinely love them. This post also contains an Amazon affiliate link


  1. These are great ideas! Thank you 🙂 Actually my daughter plants sunflowers she grows from seeds at school every year. And she also loves to paint the stones. Where we live you can find stones in random places with their origin location on them. You should take a photo and hide them somewhere else for other kids to find 🙂

  2. Hi Emma, you have shared such a lovely garden tips and it appears that you kept up it extreme level. All tips are stunning and helpful. Much obliged to you for share. Keep sharing!

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