Collectible Sensory Fun With Playfoam Pals!

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Collectible Sensory Fun With Playfoam Pals!

Today me and b are sharing our thoughts on Playfoam Pals – collectible little animals, hidden in squidgy foam balls. We are new to Playfoam and hadn’t discovered it until now. And surprise, it’s a winner! B loves anything sensory based and we often make sensory trays and ice eggs! Water sensory trays work really well in the summer, as do mud kitchens!

These Playfoam pals come in packs or you can buy them individually. They vary in colour and you never know which animal Pal you’re going to get. Each one is hidden in the center of the Playfoam.

There are 12 cute animals to collect, with a super rare gold one. Watch our video to find out what we got in our Playfoam pods. Do you think we got a gold one?!

What is Playfoam?

Playfoam is basically squishy little styrofoam balls, held together with some sort of sticky stuff. But the magic – it isn’t “sticky”. The foam doesn’t stick to clothing, hair, sofas, pets – we tried it on everything! It states it is non-toxic but you probably don’t wanna eat it. Although it kinda reminds me of cous-cous!!

It doesn’t smell and after playing, you can easily squish it back into the pod. It seems to be fine if left out of the pod for a while and doesn’t dry out.

Playfoam Pals and polystyrene balls

What Can You do With it?!

You can squish it, mold it, flatten it. It’s easy to pull it apart and put it back together. You can make little models from it and homes for your little pals. Igloos work quite well.

It’s really handy to pop a pod of the stuff in your handbag too. We went to the seafront to enjoy a meal and this kept b entertained for a good hour and a half at the table.

Playfoam Pals 2 Pack - Educational Insights play time

Opportunities to Learn?

Sure. We made cakes and ice-creams using the pods. Perfect for pretend play and using our imaginations. B liked flattening the foam into a huge pancake type thing.

He also enjoyed re-hiding the animals and various other toys.

Playfoam Pals 2 Pack - Educational Insights

Playfoam creates endless opportunities for creativity and developing fine motor skills. And what’s more – it isn’t messy. It squishes back together easily and leaves no mess behind.

Overall, we’ve really enjoyed playing with this. A massive plus is that it is mess-free. We’ve had some sticky rocks in the past and I found they got stuck to our socks for weeks!

Have you tried Playfoam? What are your thoughts? Be sure to follow us on social for updates and more fun. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

Collectible Sensory Fun With Playfoam Pals!

Disclaimer: We were sent some Playfoam packs for the purpose of this review. Opinions are honest and our own.

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