What to Expect When Starting School – 5 Differences Between Nursery and School!

child going to school for first time

What to Expect When Starting School!

Welcome to the blog. Today I’m sharing my thoughts and reflections on when B started school last September. I can’t believe he has already done 5 terms at school. Time is just whizzing past faster than I ever believed it would.

When B moved from Pre-School (at Busy Bees Nursery) to reception class in school, there were a few things that were different, which, maybe as a first time mum, I wasn’t prepared for. Today I’m going to share those with you! I have a few others posts on starting nursery too that might be handy:

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I Get Nothing!

B tells me nothing. I know everyone says their kids are the same but literally, he tells me zero about his day. We used to get a lot of info from Bees – what he ate, when he pooed, what he did. Moving from a nursery setting to school was tough on me because all of a sudden, I had no idea if he’d eaten!


I know they are really busy and there are like 30 kids all streaming in at once, but I really miss the one-to-one relationship we had with B’s key person at Bees. Yes I feel I can raise any issues with B’s teachers but it’s very much drop off, pick up and that is it.

What to Expect When Your Child Starts school in reception year for the first time


I guess it’s because the teachers are trying to assess so many children at once, but I feel I have very little idea of how well (or not) B is doing. We didn’t have a formal parents evening until February and I just wanted to know if he is happy and thriving. I’m sure we could ask but I know how busy the teachers are every day and I guess if there was a problem, they’d come and talk to us.

The Playground

Ah the school playground. Fun times. To be fair I don’t really feel either way towards the playground and parents. I only drop off and pick up a few times. I tend to keep myself to myself and speak to the parents I know. I miss Bees though because I miss my mum friends who also had kids there.

What to Expect When Your Child Starts school in reception year for the first time writing

Things to Remember

Literally every other day there is some sort of school thing to remember. Be it a non-uniform day, cake sale, charity event or play, there is ALWAYS something to remember! I’d say I’m doing OK on the remembering front right now. We haven’t gone in wearing PJ’s when it was clearly a Spiderman day! Phew.

Have you got a child that moved from pre-school to school? How did you find the transition. I’m used to it now but it took a few months to accept that no, I won’t know fully what B did today.

Still at nursery? Here are some of my tips on that:

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child going to school for first time

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  1. We’ve got another yet, but we just made the switch from playgroup to nursery (at the same school) and the differences are already big. They wear school uniform at the nursery and it’s all a lot more formal on the parent side of things. #KCACOLS

  2. I totally get what you mean, even though it has been a long time since we done this transition. The primary school to secondary school move was a breeze compared to this one I think #kcacols

  3. YES!!! There is literally no feedback until the first parents evening! Even now my kids tell me zero about their day!! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

  4. I really missed the lack of direct contact at first but being in year 3, I’ve got used to it. Like you, I tend to keep myself to myself at pickup. Can’t be doing with the facebook-type banter and gossip! #kcacols

  5. My son starts school in September! He’s already at the preschool so I don’t think the change will be huge. I don’t really get much from him already although I do have a nice chat with his key workers so it’ll be strange not having that element. #KCACOLS

    • Yep I really missed chatting and getting to know his key workers. I donโ€™t really know his teachers :/

  6. Yes it is sooo hard isn’t it. We had a really rubbish teacher which really put us off, however, now Freddie is in year 3 it does get easier. Although all of the non uniform days, the parents evenings, the parent assemblies, sports day etc are really hard to manage!!! ~KCACOLS

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