Whooping Pooping Fun with the Poopy Head Game by Sambro!

Poopy Head is a fast-paced card game from Sambro. Race your friends and family to be the first to find a toilet, poop, wipe and wash. Watch out, if you lose, you pop a poop on your head! The ultimate family poopy game.

The Poopy Head Game by Sambro – Our Review!

Hey there and welcome to the blog. I hope you are doing OK. We just got back from our Easter hols in Cornwall and have been spending some time inside playing games and painting rocks!

Today on the blog we share with you our review of Poopy Head. Yep, that really is the name of the game. Much to little B’s amusement!

poopy head sambro game box review

The Game Where Number 2 Always Wins!

OK so what’s in the box?

  • A whoopee cushion. B LOVED this the most.
  • Five poops on elastic. Yep, you really do put them on your head. Again, these caused many giggles and B spent a good amount of time trying to get them on Jerry cat’s head.
  • A pack of cards.

poopy head sambro game whats in the box

How to Play

To be honest, I had to read the instructions a number of times to get my head around what to actually do. And I think this is how the game works. The instructions seemed a bit overly complicated for what I thought would be a fairly simple game. Maybe it was just me and my “mum” brain was kicking in?!

poopy head sambro game

So, I think the object of the game is to place your cards down the fastest, in the sequence of toilet, poo, wipe and wash hands. The person who is last to get rid of their cards pops a poo on their head. If you’re the cleanest after five rounds, you win.

The game is designed for 2 to 4 players, aged six and upwards.

poopy head sambro game poops and whoopee cushions cards

Opportunities to Learn?

This game brought on many laughs and giggles and B thought it was hilarious that mum and dad sat there with poo on their heads. There are some opportunities for learning though…kind of! Sequencing, counting, turn taking, colour recognition.

We adapted the game a bit to play in turn and it seemed to work well like that. B is nearly five so slightly younger than the recommended age. I just knew that if we’d played it as it was intended – putting cards down the quickest – there is no way his attention would of held out. It was better to take turns and ask him “oh have you got toilet paper?” etc.

playing poopy head sambro game

Poo Head

I think this game will be a grower. B seems to be more interested in the whoopee cushion and fake poos than actually playing the game at the mo. He wouldn’t even pop a poo on his head!

poopy head sambro game poo on head

Have you played Poopy Head? What did you think?

poopy head sambro game

Disclaimer: We were given this game to review. Opinions are honest and our own.


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