7 Benefits of a Digital Detox Family Holiday!

7 Benefits of a Digital Detox Family Holiday

7 Benefits of a Digital Detox Family Holiday!

This weekend we’re staying at West Withy Farm Cottages in Exmoor. It will be a bit of a challenge for us because they have limited internet connection and pretty much no 4G! Read why I’m planning to go tech-free here!

There are many benefits though of finding somewhere to holiday that doesn’t promise super speed access to the net. After all, you’re on holiday. Surely you don’t need to check FaceAche every five minutes ey.

7 awesome benefits of having a digital detox family holiday in Devon!

Although I must admit, I’m sure I’ll feel lost without my phone. Sad I know.

Since starting this blog a couple of years ago, I’ve become more and more reliant on social media. But I vowed never to become “that” family. By “that” family I mean the family Mr D and I observed whilst having lunch at a local pub. Let me tell you a quick story…

They came in, sat down, and everyone – so mum, dad, son and daughter got out a phone and sat tinkering on it. Erm hello people?! You’ve surely come out for a meal together? Urgh I dunno, I just don’t want life to become that.

Anyways…So let’s get to the benefits that I think we will enjoy from having a bit of a digital detox holiday at West Withy Farm Cottages.

coffee and relax for a digital detox at west withy farm cottages

Ability to be Present

So remember that story I just told you. Exactly that. I’m hoping that by not having 4G and internet, I can live a bit more in the moment. Perhaps be more mindful of the world around me. Rather than looking down continually at a screen, I can look up and enjoy the sky, sun, stars.

At West Withy Farm, we can rent telescopes so I’m looking forward to doing a bit of star gazing. You might not know but Exmoor is one of the best places in Europe to stargaze due to it’s low light pollution. I’m hoping the sky will at least be a clear.

Social Interaction

Surely a huge benefit of not being on our phones will be a focus on social interaction in the physical world. My family. Blimey, I’ll actually have to make convo with the hubby on an eve.

mum and daughter on computer

Quality Family Time

I’m hoping there will be no distractions and we’ll have a few days of quality family time. Board games, fun and laughter. Maybe I’ll get to read a book in peace? Hmm fat chance with a four year old ey. If you do get a chance to read then check out what I’m reading here.


The problem, and a huge benefit with mobile phones, is this constant notion of being available to the world. Any time, any place. I’m actually looking forward to switching off and not being interrupted constantly.

Instead, the beeps and email notifications will be replaced by spring bird song, running water, a gentle breeze and, most likely, the sound of my son bellyaching about something.



I’ve read that a huge benefit of going tech-free is less stress. I’m hoping this weekend will help destress and centre us.

Time for Yourself

This point links back to being constantly available. I’m looking forward to reading a book or focusing on something else and not picking up my phone because it beeped/vibrated/light up. Who bloody cares?!

The rural setting at West With Farm will offer us a chance to exist without the usual time constraints!

make time during a digital detox

Boost Productivity

Apparently a huge plus of ditching the tech for a bit is increased productivity. Honestly, how many times have you caught yourself idly scrolling through your Twitter or FaceAche feed when you could be doing something else?!

I have a rule now where most evenings, I leave my phone upstairs. It can charge while I chill.

Have you ever taken time off social media and tech? Did you find it had any benefits or did you crave your phone for days on end? I’m sure we will have a wonderful time at the farm! Be sure to tune in next week to hear all about it – or follow us on social media. Oh the irony!

benefits of a digital detox and why you should do one. Perfect for family holidays.

Disclaimer: We’re staying at West Withy Farm Cottages in Exmoor and this post is part of a series of posts about the pros of a digital detox. 


  1. Looking forward to welcoming you to @WestWithyFarm. I’m Ian by the way and I live here on #Exmoor with Lorena. I’ll welcome you by your names – not your media handles. We’ll offer you our ‘silence’ here – except bird song, running water and the sounds and smells on the breeze. We’ll offer you our #cleanair – our #lichens prove that. We have big open skies with clouds and stars. There are books to read and board games to play – when did you last start a jigsaw?
    And for all our ‘we can do / control everything world’, a look at the stars will convince you of our complete insignificance – a humbling experience (in the nicest way).

  2. If you moved your social icons to the right-hand side of the page instead of over your comment box, I could make a reasonable comment. Currently, it is basically impossible to do.

    Cheers Sharon…

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