4 Reason’s Why I’m Doing a Digital Detox and You Should Too!

Reason's Why I'm Doing a Digital Detox and You Should Too

4 Reason’s Why I’m Doing a Digital Detox and You Should Too!

Hey there and welcome to the blog. Happy happy Easter hols. I’m actually working up to Good Friday and then we have a break planned down in Cornwall. We are then off to Exmoor, early April, to West Withy Farm Cottages for a digital detox.

Are you familiar with a “digital detox“?

I am, and probably because I spend way to much time on my phone, reading articles about getting offline! Since I started the blog, social media has become all-consuming. And it’s time to turn off for a bit. Try some Easter crafting or a walk perhaps?!

digital detox and why to do one

Why We’re Having a Tech-Less Holiday

We’re going to West Withy Farm Cottages in April so I’m planning to get offline for three days. And the hubby is joining me too. Here are my reasons why I think it will be great!

It’s harder than ever to just “switch off”

Quite simply, technology has taken over our lives! It’s ironic that the places I spend most time also spout that we need to spend less and less time online. Apparently it does us good.

To be honest I’m not sure because my whole life revolves around social media and being online. I wouldn’t be blogging if it didn’t.

With limited Wifi and 4G connection, staying at West Withy Farm is the perfect opportunity to switch off. Literally!

being in control of technology and digital detox ideas

I Don’t Wanna Talk to You!

I know keeping in contact is a massive plus these days but it occurred to me that I’m always available to people. All the time! And actually, it’s OK not to be available. It’s funny how if I don’t reply to a text, Facebook message or WhatsApp, that I get an influx of “are you OK” messages.

Yes, I’m fine. I’m just don’t wanna check my phone every five minutes.

I don’t need to be reached 24/7 while on holiday. I can leave a landline with our parents (in case there really is an emergency) but that work email, that “how was your weekend” text – they can wait. I want to enjoy my immediate surroundings, uninterrupted. Peace and quiet.

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An Opportunity to Reduce Stress

I probably wouldn’t say I’m stressed by my tech overuse but I am obsessed with checking email, twitter, Facebook, Insta, as well as blog engagement and stats. It will be a welcome change to not worry about it. Because I can’t. I like the fact that I don’t have a choice.

Quality Family Time

I’m really looking forward to not checking my phone every second there is a moment of down time. What about just sitting, relaxing and actually talking? I am exaggerating of course. We do sit and talk as a family but our phones are always within reach. I’m always interrupted by a WhatsApp ping or an instant message. I’m looking forward to being fully focused.

Keep a look out for a post coming soon on things I plan to do, as a family, at West Withy Farm!

family time cliveden house in maidenhead national trust property

So, the big question – can we do this?!

Of course we can. Right?!

Blimey, I’ll actually have to speak to the hubby on an evening now.

Join us in April and see how we get on at West Withy Farm Cottages in Exmoor for our digital detox. Don’t bother checking us out online while we are there, because we’ll be strictly offline. I hope…!

Reason's Why I'm Doing a Digital Detox and You Should Too

Disclaimer: We’ve been invited to stay at West Withy Farm Cottages. All opinions are my own and honest.

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  1. You will be very welcome here @WestWithyFarm. We think there is so much to enjoy and experience when social media is ‘switched off’. Our slogans for your stay – ‘Look around not down’. ‘Listen to silence’ ‘Breathe the scents on the wind’

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