5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Space-Themed Bedroom – Plus Two Amazing Giveaways!

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Space-Themed Bedroom

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Space-Themed Bedroom – Plus Two Amazing Giveaways!

Hi there and welcome to me and b. We hope you’re all good and haven’t been too snowed in. We got a little bit down here in Weston but nothing disruptive. While we’ve been snuggled indoors, I’ve been giving some thought to bedroom decor and it got me thinking about B’s room. When we were in the townhouse, we changed his grey nursery to a bright transport theme.

Then we moved house and we went for Marvel. And now he loves space! Today I’m sharing some ideas for creating a space-themed bedroom.

We’ve also teamed up with Reroom to bring you a brand new giveaway too. Reroom specialises in making your house a real home, allowing you to buy everything you need in one click. If you’re planning your child’s bedroom then take a nose at all the different decor ideas here. I love the space theme but the mermaid room is super cute!

Want to create a fun, super cool space themed bedroom for your little one? Take a look at our top tips for making your kid's bedroom out of this world!

Win a Tucana Cushion and Tucana Print

Today we’re giving away two prizes to two lucky winners. Our first prize is this beautiful faux suede Tucana cushion cover worth Β£40.00.Β  The cushion is super soft and features an awesome NASA image of a cluster of stars.

tucana space cushion nasa for childs bedroom decor

Our second prize is a stunning image captured byΒ NASA’s Hubble telescope and hand framed in solid wood. This prize is worth Β£50.00 and would look great in any child’s space bedroom!

Tucana Print

To be in with a chance of winning simply carry on reading and enter via Rafflecopter at the end of this post.

OK, entered?


So back to our tips for creating a fun, space-themed bedroom…

Outta Space

With any room, you want to think about your colour scheme and whether you want to paint or paper. There are some fab wallpapers available these days so it’s worth looking around first.

Depending on the size of your room, you’ll want to determine your paint colour. For B’s bedroom, I went with a Cornflower White. It has a slight blue tinge to it, which I actually don’t like so much. The room is North East facing so it doesn’t get a lot of light. I plan to repaint it at some point in a whiter shade of white – whatever that is!

space themed kids bedroom ideas and easy decor

Lunar Light

Think about adding light to your room. I’m a massive fan of lava lamps and fairy lights, and anyone who has been to our house will find little lights all over.

I am absolutely loving this cute space shuttle light switch from Reroom!

space themed kids bedroom ideas and easy decor space shuttle switch


With a space theme, you really can go to the end of the universe in terms of accessories and intergalactic fun. Think space, planets, stars, rockets, spaceships and astronauts.

Cosmic Cushions

Make your room super cosy and snuggly with cushions, throws, blankets and snuggly duvet covers. Be sure to enter our competition to win your very own Tucana cushion cover from Reroom!space themed kids bedroom ideas and easy decor

Intergalactic Images

Decorate your room with space-themed artwork and fun printables. We’re giving away a very cool Tucana print so be sure to enter our competition to win!

Look out for posters, star constellations and spacey prints to frame too. I personally LOVE Canva for creating my own artwork for the home. You can read more about doing that here.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck with the competition! Be sure to share it with your friends and follow us on social for updates! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

tips for space themed bedroom


  1. My sons just been learning about Neil Armstrong at school and now loves space. He would adore this. Thank you

  2. I would love to win these prizes for my nephew as he is learning about Space at the moment and really enjoying it.

  3. Would love this for my 10 yr old son whose current class theme is about space! He just got 3/3 stars for his last space project which was a jigsaw puzzle of the solar system xxx thx

  4. We have recently moved and my son has a massive, but boring, attic bedroom. I’d love to win the cosmic cushions or print, to mix and match with a more grown up look. I imagine it would look out of this world 🌌

  5. Even though a lot of people would enter for the kids.. My partner loves space and the stars so i’d enter to win them for her πŸ™‚

  6. Ohhhh my Lord my Son is nuts on space he wants to do it as a job and he is only 6 and keeps going on about it lol.

  7. i could see these in my 16 year old sons room he likes space and science based things and he would love either of these fab prizes thank you for the chance.

  8. We are in the same situation we had marvel but now have moved house. My son now loves everything to do with space we have just put his name on the space shuttle with NASA to
    go to the sun and they get sent a certificate so we are going To put this up in his room and you have given us some more brilliant ideas.

  9. For my mum would be a great gift for a thank you for all her help and support since restarting chemotherapy treatment

  10. I’d love to win for my 13 year old Son who absolutely loves astronomy! We’re going to Florida in September and he cant wait to visit Kennedy Space Center and Epcot to ride ‘Mission Space’ to feel what it’s like to take off in a rocket! xx

  11. I’d love to win this for my grandson but I just hope his stargazing granddad doesn’t see it first otherwise he’ll want it!

  12. I would love to win the prizes on offer for jack my nephew who his themed rooms and even has a space scope been young.

  13. My two boys share a room and at 6 & 7 they’re absolutely mad about space, love their moon light and glow in the dark stars, they’d love this!

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