70 Non-Candy Plastic Easter Egg Fillers for Kids!

Non-Candy easter egg fillers for kids

70 Non-Candy Plastic Easter Egg Fillers for Kids!

Today on the blog we’re sharing a bumper post with loads of ideas for non chocolate and non candy Easter egg filler ideas. I love the little plastic eggs you can buy because you can fill them with what you want, and these means less sweets and chocolate. B gets so much so I’ve been putting together loads of ideas for toys and bits and bobs to fill these eggs with. Let’s go!

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  1. Money, the obvious one!

2. Or pirate treasure?


3. Parachute men

4. Balloons

5. Bouncy Balls

6. Pirate skeleton keys 

7. Seeds

8. Helicopter Balloons 

9. A whistle (yeah right)

10. Holographic spinning tops http://amzn.to/2FNRMWg

11. A yoyo

12. Punch ball balloons 

13. Mini bubbles

14. Chalk 

15. Confetti

Small Toys

16. Small dinosaurs

17. Fake bugs

18. Retro mini trolls 

19. Plastic animals (think the pound shops)

20. Army men

21. Glow stars

22. Sticky creatures

23. Marbles

24. Neon Wiggle-Eye Gooey Putty 

25. Finger puppets

26. Pull back racers 

27. Lego Mini Figures

28. Hot Wheels cars

29. Blind bags

30. Stretchy snakes 

31. Collectibles like ShopKins and Flushies

32. Mini fidget spinners

33. A mini slinky 

Hair, Body and Bath

34. Finger lights. We got B these at Christmas and he loves them!

35. Small bath bombs

36. Hair clips

37. Mini Nail polish

38. Mini rubber ducks 

39. Key rings

40. Earrings

41. Stick-on Tattoos

42. Bracelets 

43. Snap on brcelets

44. Lucky charms

45. Lip Balm

46. Colorful shoe laces

47. Nail stickers

48. Zipper bracelets

49. Rings

50. Fun plasters/band aids 

51. Medals


52. Novelty Erasers

53. Mini pens or pencils

54. Stampers

55. Bendy pencils

56. Magnets

57. Pencil sharpener

58. Pencil toppers


59. Fruit Snacks like the Bear ones

60. Raisins

61. Popcorn

62. Dried fruit

63. Pretzels

64. Blueberries


65. Beads

66. Stickers

67. Gems 

68. Sequins

69. Pom Poms

70. Play Dough party bag fillers 

Wow, there really are loads when you start hunting around for them! What do you like to give the kids at Easter time? Toys or chocolate? We’ll probably get a couple of small eggs but I refuse to go crazy!

Be sure to PIN this for later, so you can come back when you’re stuck for ideas. And share it with your friends on Facebook – they’ll thank you for it 😉

70 Non-Candy Plastic Easter Egg Fillers for Kids that are cheap and easy

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  1. The kids would love to find these items inside an easter egg! I’m just wondering where will I be able to avail those bendy pencils. Anyways, thanks for sharing this with us. Cheers!

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