11 Free Family Things to do This Half Term!

Looking for free things to do with the family this half term? School holiday time can be expensive but it doesn't have to be. Take a look at our ideas for free things to do

11 Free Places to go This Half Term with the Family!

Hey there and welcome to the blog. How’s it going? The last couple of weeks have been a bit up and down to be honest. It’s half term though and today we’re sharing our ideas for FREE things to do. There are so many free options these days and you don’t need to spend a fortune on days out here and there.

So let’s get cracking, and be sure to share your free (or very cheap) ideas in the comments too!

Looking for free things to do with the family this half term? School holiday time can be expensive but it doesn't have to be. Take a look at our ideas for free things to do!

Local Museums

Check out your local museums and have a look at what is on. So many offer free events during the kid’s holidays. Our local museum in Weston-super-Mare has a whole week of history-themed events going on. We plan to check out the World War day on Friday!

The Library

Before I had B, I can’t remember the last time I went to a Library. They are fab places though for little ones. Go mooch through the books, read a few stories and take some home. B always enjoys visiting the library. He still can’t believe you get to take books home!

library for free things to do half term uk

Local Events

Have a look at what is on in your local area during the holidays. Check out local Facebook pages, take a nose through your local paper, and ask your friends! There is bound to be something going on in your area. We had a firework display over the weekend!

Parks and Playgrounds

If the weather is OK, head down to your local park or playground. We always find we can waste an hour running around. Have a look at the larger parks in your area too. We love Blaise Castle Estate in Bristol. Dinton Pastures near Reading is fab, and the Coate Water Park near Swindon, and just off the M4 is lovely.

parks and open spaces for kids holidays

Geocaching and Pokemon Go

If you’re out and about, download the Pokemon Go app for free and see what critters you can catch. Geocaching is also a lot of fun. You do need to purchase the app but it’s fun and you can read about it in our beginners guide here..

Local Garden Centres

Garden centres are great and you can often waster a couple of hours mooching and enjoying a cuppa and a cake. See what’s on. they sometimes have paid for activities. Our local one also has a number of kid’s activities on for a small fee. And when I say small, it’s literally £2.50 or so per child to build bird feeders and boxes.

free things to do garden centres uk

Pet workshops

Pets at Home runs small animal workshops during holidays. It’s worth checking out your local Pets at Home to see what’s on!

Woodland Walks

Pop on your welly boots and go explore your local woods or forest. We have loads near to where we live and it’s always fun to have a little wander. We often combine a wood walk with Geocaching!

If you’re close to any of these green spaces then the Highway Rat Activity Trails look fab!

free things to do kids during school holidays walks woodland boots

Churches and Cathedrals

I am not at all religious but I do have an appreciation of the architecture involved with churches and cathedrals. We recently had a little look around St Albans Cathedral. It is enormous and is steeped in so much history. It’s definitely worth a look around. B enjoyed having a look around and admiring the stained glass windows. We’ve taken B around Bristol Cathedral too and he loved this as well.

City Farms

If you have the opportunity to visit a city farm, do it! Our fave, and closest to us is Windmill Hill City Farm in Bristol. There are hundreds dotted all around the country though. Be sure to Google your closest city and the word “farm”!

city farm free to do children school holidays

Wildlife Charities

These often open their doors to the public during the holidays. We’ve often gone to the Secret World open day in Somerset and it’s always been really nice to see the animals and learn a bit about the work they do. Avon Owls also run similar open days.

What are you planning to do this half term? Are you going away or staying near home? We aren’t doing much to be honest. I’m working all week and Mr D is taking a few days off to be with B. We’re then taking advantage of the school holiday club.

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