Our Day Out at “We the Curious” in Bristol!

Our Day Out at "We the Curious" in Bristol!

Our Day Out at “We the Curious” in Bristol!

Hey there, how’s it going? This week has so much better than last! I was struck down with flu and it was truly awful!

Anyways today on the blog we’re sharing our fun weekend at We the Curious. If you’re local to Bristol then the name @Bristol may sound more familiar. The recently re-branded, changing their name and logo. The premise of the attraction is still the same – science and STEM fun for kids (and adults!). If you’re not local and looking to visit for the weekend then I can’t recommend Brooks Guesthouse enough – we had such a fantastic stay in a retro rocket caravan!

Our Day Out at "We the Curious" in Bristol pinterest

Half Term Fun

There is loads going on over the half term so be sure to take a look here to find out when and where you need to be. You can pre-book your tickets online too to beat the queues.

Here we share some of our photos and fun from the day. There are hundreds of exhibits to explore and i really am sharing just a fraction of what we enjoyed. It really was awesome and I learnt a lot too!

we the curious bristol science museum

Curious Minds

There is so much to see and do at We The Curious and, to be honest, you could easily spend more than a day here exploring everything. Exhibits are spread out over two floors, covering everything from space, the body, animation, water, flight, food, electrics and the world around us.

The majority of exhibits are designed to be touched and played with. Pick up your brain and weight it, and take a look at how animation works!

we the curious bristol science museum brain wieghts

B really enjoyed weighing all the brains! This one is a typical four year old brain. He liked to zap them all with his laser gun too.

Explore Space

If you have little ones that are fascinated by space then journey into the world of outer space and be an astronaut for the day.

There is also a planetarium which offers shows throughout the day for an additional charge. We didn’t take part this time but I imagine this is a place we will return to as B gets older and even more interested in the universe!

B and Daddy – looking ridiculous !

we the curious bristol science museum exploring space

Exploring Our Body

There are loads of exhibits that explore the body. This one threw up a few questions! I really think the 9 month woman needs to look more p*ssed off!

we the curious bristol science museum

We measured our heart rate and we played games that recorded our reflexes. The body area was a lot of fun and we spent a while exploring all the exhibits here.

There was also a very cool machine which allowed you to piece together facial recognition after watching a burglary. We actually did pretty well compared with the few faces created before us!

The World Around Us

I’m a massive fan geek. So much so that I even incorporate maps in to Valentines day!

There are so many fun exhibits at We The Curious the involve maps, geography and the world we live in. Watch water freeze, play with sand and watch contour lines change, and find out more about the sky, our weather and soil!

we the curious bristol science museum

Science Shows

Be sure to make a note of when the science shows are on. We kind of stumbled upon one upstairs after lunchtime and it was really fun! We watched how science propels rockets in to the sky and we saw smoke and fire. B was captivated by it all and didn’t even ask for a snack through the 30 minutes!

we the curious bristol science museum

Here you can see B and Mr D exploring some of the electricity themed exhibits.

we the curious bristol science museum electricity

Animation Fascination

If you ask B what his favourite part of the day was, he will tell you it was the Wallace and Gromit animation. he absolutely loved switching the lights on and off, and turning the set from night to day. We sat here for literally ages!

we the curious bristol science museum wallace and gromit

Another big hit for B was this robotic arm that picked up and stacked cubes of wood. B loved watching the arm move back and forth.

we the curious bristol science museum robots

This exhibit was another favourite. B had to wind his parachute to the top. Once it got there, it floated back down.

we the curious bristol science museum sky high parachute

There really was so much to do and explore and we could have spent a lot longer. We The Curious is located in the Millennium Square part of Bristol. When you enter, you get a wrist band which means you can come and go through the day. Pop out for lunch at one of the restaurants, bars or pubs, and then go back in for more fun!

Have you been to We The Curious?! It actually turns out that B is going on a school trip there soon! He will love it!

Our Day Out at "We the Curious" in Bristol!

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  1. It looks brilliant! It is somewhere I have wanted to take my son for a while but have not been able to due to them not having a hoist assisted toilet. But I have had really good news – they are currently working on plans to install one! So as well as being a great place, I think it is clear that they have good people there too.

    I am looking forward to going.

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