What I’m Reading – January Round-Up!

what i'm reading this january february

January – What I Read this Month

OK so a bit of a New Year thing but my aim in 2018 is to read more. I used to love reading and would spend many hours snuggled in a chair with a book. And then I had a child. Those book days are gone. But they don’t have to be and I’ve been making an effort to read more.

So what have I read so far? January saw me reading the following:

Lion: A Long Way Home -Saroo Brierley

To be honest i’m not too sure where to start with this book. I watched the film last July when flying across the world for work. When the film finished, I had to go sit in the toilet for five minutes and bawl my eyes out. Lion is the story of a boy who, at aged five, gets lost in India. He falls asleep on a train and ends up thousands of miles from home. He is adopted by an Australian couple, who are just amazing. Once Saroo is in his twenties, he decides to try and find “home” using Google earth and Facebook. I still can’t get my head around a five year old boy surviving the streets of Calcutta in the 80s. It’s just crazy.

If you read just one book from my January list, make it this one.

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The Cows – Dawn O’Porter

First up is a fiction book which, technically, I started in 2017. I finished it at New Year so yep, it’s going in my 2018 list. This book is one of those books that is easy to read, flowing along fast. It tells the stories of three women, and how their lives cross paths. It’s about women, it’s about the internet and it’s about the impact of social media.

Americanah – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Americanah is a book I’ve been meaning to read for a while. I really like the author and I’ve read a few of her other books. I have a thing for books which are set or part-set in Africa. Americanah tells the tale of love, distance, racism and what it’s like to be black in America.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying – Marie Kondo

I read about this book while browsing through a Facebook group about organising the home. Why I need a book to tell me how to tidy and declutter is beyond me really. Maybe the allure of “life-changing”. I dunno. This book isn’t life-changing. It is a kick up the bum to declutter though and I really like the notion of asking myself “does this item/object/whatever spark joy?” And if the answer is no, then get rid. After reading this book, I’ve binned 3 bags of junk and taken another 8 bags to the charity shop.

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How to Win Friends and Influence People –  Dale Carnegie

This isn’t a new book and it’s one I picked up at a car boot sale last summer. I found it a bit obvious and a bit dull to be honest. If you want people to like you, be genuine and be nice. End of!

The Keeper of Lost Things – Ruth Hogan

I hated this book. I got 100 pages in and thought the writing was poor and the story line weak and predictable.

Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Global Politics – Tim Marshall

Finally on my January reading list is a book all about geopolitics. I’ve learnt more about Russia then I ever thought I knew. And I feel like I understand why countries make certain decisions and alliances. Really compelling reading and great to learn something along the way. I haven’t finished this one yet so will carry on working my way around the world during February!

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What’s on your reading list this year? Have you read any of the above? What were your thoughts?

February is already speeding ahead and I need to get a crack on and read more!

what i'm reading this january february

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